Extreme Nausea – the problem finally solved…

Despite what I thought previously the cause of my nausea might not be heart failure, as changing my Furosemide schedule has dramatically improved it. Not gone, but certainly minimised, to a level at which I can live with, and mostly disregard, it.

I initially moved my Furosemide away from my main morning COPD and pain meds at 06.00, into isolation at 08.00, and halved the dose. That, to my everlasting amazement, quickly fixed the nausea problem. The downside was that the reduced dose  caused body cavities to fill with fluid. I gained over 3 kilos in a week, every gram of it fluid** – that’s three litres sloshing around inside me (a millilitre of water, which it mostly is, with some electrolytes and proteins, weighs a gram, so a kilo = a litre. It had to go.

**My diet changed not an iota, and that’s held my weight steady for months so, logically, it’s fluid.

So, a few days ago, having little in the way of an alternative**, I went back to the full dose of Furosemide, 80mg.

**Well, OK, I did have an alternative – but it involved the hospital and long needles! And thanks to my newly-acquired needle phobia – thank you very bloody much, Arrowe Park!** – I wanted to try my way first.

**The link takes you to the reason for my phobia.

Of course, I’ve barely stopped peeing since, but I’m shedding a lot of fluid, which was my aim. I’m getting my appetite back too, which is a nice bonus. The fluid in my abdominal cavity had been constricting  my stomach, wrecking my appetite by artificially making me feel full. It affected my breathing, too, as my chest cavity also became somewhat waterlogged.

Today, and my feet and legs are killing me with all the walking back and forth to the bathroom every 15 minutes, sometimes less, until the Furosemide wears off, but it’s working. I haven’t weighed myself, but I can see past my waist again, which is good.

Progress, then, is being made. I’ve stopped puking, eaten, in a display of confidence that I no longer need it as a nausea remedy, and because I love the stuff, my emergency stash of crystallised ginger, and after writing this (mostly yesterday evening), I managed a plateful of Long Clawson Stilton, slathered in my DIY beetroot and redcurrant relish, with a couple of handfuls of sour cream and chive thins to help it on its way.

I’d have liked a bottle of beer, too, but that would have been pushing my luck…

Maybe next week.


PS: The beetroot and redcurrant jelly is even better puréed, as a sauce. I now need to find something to keep it in suspension, to stop the beetroot settling out. I’m working on that and the recipe will be published when finalised. And it will be a proper recipe by then, not just a DIY combination of two existing products.


4 thoughts on “Extreme Nausea – the problem finally solved…

  1. Since you’re struggling with walking backwards and forwards to the toilet, and you’ve mentioned having a reaction to the pee bottle, I wonder if using a commode pan with a lid might be an option? With the lid on the smell is contained for a while. It would depend on whether carrying the commode pan would be worse than the walking backwards and forwards I guess.

    I’m glad your nausea is under control. Despite massive improvements in most other areas, that’s something that’s still a big issue for me. Luckily cyclizine works (as does sucking on mints in between doses) though it does make me tired 🙂

    • I wonder if using a commode pan with a lid might be an option

      Actually, Danni, when I get really sick of it, I do (and routinely overnight). When I got out of hospital I was doubly, and simultaneously, incontinent, and had been almost the whole time I was in there – god knows what they did to me, I still reckon I was poisoned. So as soon as I got home I bought a decent commode. The one I got via the OT was just about wide enough for a smallish child to sit on – useless for me.

      Then once I was home the incontinence stopped which, for me, lent credibility to my poisoned theory. Yes, I know it sounds nuts, but it fits the facts.

      As for the pee bottle problem, surgery is looking increasingly attractive, though in adults it can be pretty traumatic, physically, apparently (psychologically, it’s horrifying!). Decisions, decisions. The big question is, I suppose, do I trust APH not to screw it up? And right now, the answer is no.

  2. Hi Ron

    I’m on large doses of Bumetanide equivalent to 120mg frusijuice twice a day.
    The symptoms of nausea, sickness, tiredness and aching can be a result of low potassium from the diuretics. How often do you get your u and e checked?

    I suffer permanent low potassium and crave bananas, did you know that beetroot s also high in potassium too – might be another reason why you’re enjoying the relish too.

    I think the most sensible way to deal with the diuretics and swelling is to use your approach of listening to your body. Just be aware that flushing things through rapidly may Cause you issues.

    If you have low potassium it can give you abnormal heart rhythms so be careful!

    • The real cause was as described – an interaction between Furosemide and the rest of my meds (at 06.00 every day I take 11 drugs – the potential for something going wrong was always high). Moving Furosemide to a time when I was taking nothing else fixed the problem.

      As for potassium, I’ve been supplementing for years to stabilise my heart – not that my fuckwit GP believes I have a problem. In addition, a handful of my meds are known to cause potassium deficiency, so supplementation was – and remains – essential.

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