A message for my Friends on Twitter…

Tweeps: In the event that I do pop my clogs at some point this year (sorry, but it’s possible, there’s just too much wrong – I was surprised to make it out of last year alive) , I’ve made arrangements, via a friend, to see that you’re notified as soon as possible.

Right now, though, I’m doing pretty well (very well, compared to even last week!), and hopefully if I don’t overdo things, it’ll last a while, to which end everything  is crossed except for wires.

My leg is getting worse, though** (the nurse had to manually clean the suppuration yesterday, which really is excruciatingly painful), and for the last few days I’ve been back on Oramorph, so I told her that I want the dressings prescribed/recommended by the hospital, and not the ones they prefer, which aren’t working (see. I’m told there won’t be a problem with that. Yeah, right!

**See pics below.

I’m so overwhelmed with confidence I’ve ordered a pack at my own expense (£30 for 5, enough for 2 weeks, delivered) – should be here tomorrow. That’ll give me some leeway to deal with the inevitable argument. Or they might surprise me.

Lesions, looking healthy and pink   Click pics to view full size, Back button to return. 

This was taken on December 16, when I was using Aquacel Ag, a silver-impregnated dressing recommended and, I’m told, prescribed, by the hospital. You can clearly see how pink and dry they are, and on the middle one, around the edges, you can clearly the granulation of healing taking place. At this point I was in little or no pain. With the return of the nurses a week ago, pain returned. Today, with me taking charge again yesterday, no pain and no Oramorph. What’s different? I’m more careful for a start, but critically, I think, I also use an antibacterial wash called Octenisan. The nurses turn their noses up at it. One of us is doing it right. Guess who.

Lesions, Suppurating, not healthy

This was taken yesterday, after about 10 days of using Atrauman Ag, also a silver-impregnated dressing but preferred by the nurses and which has never done me any good. The important things here are the depth of the two largest holes, now well on their way to becoming ulcers, and the facts that they are now wet and suppurating, not clean, dry, and granulating, of which there is now no sign at all. They are also bigger, but the fact that the two pics are not identical in scale makes that hard to discern, so you’ll have to trust me on that one.

The yellow scaliness has gone because my leg and foot have been washed with Octenisan, debrided, and slathered with emollient cream (except for the lesions, they just got Octenisan). The first pic was unwashed but, even so, the scaliness is now vastly reduced (most of it wound up in the carpet, which is why I bought my Dyson). In fact, the Dyson might well be responsible for the sudden upturn in my health, as I am highly allergic to my own dead skin. Go figure…

Under my care, as advised by the hospital, I was healing. Now I am not, I’m getting worse.

This is why – while there is still some chance of recovery, because if Atrauman is continued, there won’t be – I need to revert to Aquacel without delay, which is why I have ordered my own.

And for those of you who just can’t understand why I am so pissed off with the nurses, this is a graphic example.

9 thoughts on “A message for my Friends on Twitter…

  1. Can the nurses not see what’s staring them in the face?! I get so angry when I read what they do to you Ron, I really do.

    Take care of yourself Ron, because the nurses certainly aren’t.

    • I really don’t understand them. I don’t know if they’re stupid (some clearly are, but not the ones I’m thinking of), or if they want to say – if I were to let it go on long enough, which I’m not – see, we said it wouldn’t work!

      They have it in for APH – so have I, but I’m not putting people at risk! When the nurses arrived on the scene in April, I said to them, APH has a fix for this, get in touch, find out what they did, and do it again.

      Oh, we’re not allowed to do that.

      Didn’t believe it then, don’t believe it now, but the bastards put me through nearly a year of hell just because they wouldn’t ask for help. They’re not doing it again!

  2. have never been able to understand why they have to stop using things that are obviously working.just cos THEY dont like it. its not their damned limbs. this happens to the old lady i told yu about,friend of mine. frequently. same as you.ulcers, oedema, etc.i still think the wound i had on my right leg which i got 7 years ago, would not have taken 4 months to heal had they listened to me. different nurse every time it was dressed and different treatment. every time.as well as cleaning it with just cold tap water.which i do not agree with. goes against everything i was taught when i was a student nurse.and who heard of MRSA and the other super-bugs in the days of proper hygiene and barrier nursing. they dont even wear a mask while changing a dressing. nothing it seems has changed in those 7 years from you tell us. disgusting.

    • Happens to the old bloke upstairs (Lymphoedema and associated crapola, same as me), but he just sits there and takes it – at least I give the buggers an argument even if, so far, it’s done little good. At least they know I think they’re morons!

  3. You can definitely see the difference! Keep to doing it the way you have been Ron and hopefully it will return to the way you had it.
    Bloody nurses and their interfering ways. You have proof that the way you have been cleaning, debriding, and using the silver dressing that the hospital prescribed, has helped your legs immensely – tell them that you are sticking to your own way and if they won’t respect that then you shall have to have a word with someone more powerful than them!

  4. I hope the info you need come to you asap – your situation is clearly just ridiculous, the evidence surely speaks for itself

    Hang on in there Ron – All best as always xx

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