Enforced Euthanasia – coming soon?

New drugs will only be made available on the NHS if they help people deemed to be a benefit to society under proposals that prompted fears elderly people could be denied treatment. (the Independent).

If there’s ever been a policy more reminiscent of Nazi Germany or the worst of Soviet Russia, I’ve yet to see it.

This, if implemented – and with this government, can we doubt that it will? – will amount to nothing less than state-sanctioned enforced euthanasia of the “unproductive” members of society.

Which is to say, the old, the chronically sick, the disabled , even the permanently unemployable – all those which any civilised society is honour-bound to support but, as we’ve already seen under the insane ministrations of Cameron and IDS, abetted by the whore-monger Osborne, for support read persecution unto death.

All this proposed legislation will do is formalise a policy that’s already in place.

And if you think this doesn’t affect you, or your family, think again. You are one illness, one job loss, one accident, from joining our ranks.

Have a nice day – there might not be many of them left.


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