Leg report, January 16 2014

Again, much improved. The smallest of the lesions has now scabbed over, and the two larger ones are, again, appreciably less deep.

Lesions in close-up As ever, click pic to see it full size, Back button to return.

Of the three large ones, the left has thoroughly scabbed over (and I had to stop the damned nurse from pulling it off and maybe setting me back months!). The middle one is showing signs of granulation (the yellow spot near the bottom edge), and the right one is perceptibly shallower than it was.

In the pic my foot is out of shot at the top left – effectively it’s upside down, with my leg ascending to my knee from the bottom left corner – you’re seeing what I see when taking the pic.

I think I can win this – as long as my supplies are maintained. And I stay away from compression.

In truth it might not look as good as it should – I had a bad fall today and gave it a hell of a knock


9 thoughts on “Leg report, January 16 2014

    • My leg, as always seems to happen, got a hell of a bang. It’s terrifying how many things in this flat are exactly at ankle height! And I fell on top of my wheelchair – it’s at times like that you realise just how many sticky-out bits wheelchairs have!

      The falling is getting scary though – it’s happening every day at some point. Luckily it’s such a small flat there’s usually something to grab hold of – today, I went over backwards, and there was nothing to grab on to.

      Supposed to be at the hospital tomorrow. A friend’s taking me but at this rate she’ll be pushing me in my damn chair.

      I should be getting ready now, but I can hardly sodding stand.

      Oh, and the idiot manager, when I told her I’d bought a pack of dressings, said, But you can’t buy them – they’re prescription-only! Clearly she’s never met the Web!

      Just checked the BNF though. Aquacel Ag is not prescription, and not toxic. The silver can react with sulphonamides and can cause some other problems – if used in large quantities and/or over a long period, neither of which applies in my case.

  1. Best of luck with the hospital appointment. I hope that you can get some serious rest once today is over. After that appalling meeting, anyone would need a break I would guess. It’s inhumane for a person so poorly to be put through such distress.


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