Upcoming Recipe . . .

Heads up, boys and girls – there’s another recipe due this week, assuming I hold up physically. That caveat is because I started today, at 03.30, with a savage angina attack that went on for way too long.

Yes, I should have gone to hospital in case it was a coronary, but hey, you know how I feel, about that place and, anyway, I can tell the difference, having had lots of angina and one coronary. Is that infallible? Probably not, but what the hell…

Fact is, though, if it happens again, I won’t hesitate – 999 and I’m off.

Anyhoo, I’m in a cooking mood at the moment, as long, as I say, I hold up.

So, in the pipeline, hopefully for some point in the near future, is a recipe for a casserole of Organic Lamb with Black Olives, Deglet Nour Dates, Redcurrant Jelly, and Harissa. Possibly with chickpeas to round off the Middle Eastern vibe. And because I like the combination of meat and pulses, as you might have already noticed. It’s because I’d far rather buy good meat than not,** and pulses are an economical means of making expensive meat go a long way.

**Nothing to do with the cut – even organic “cheap” cuts cost an arm and a leg – but the quality.

It should be pretty damn good.


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        • Well, OK – I guess I can live with that 😉

          Still not sure tough is the right word – except maybe mentally. Yeah, I could go with that (40 years ago I was that very rare beast, a disabled backpacker – as in long-distance walker, carrying everything needed, not a gap-year clown).

          But today it simply didn’t occur to me that a possible heart attack (pretty sure it wasn’t, I keep a close watch on my heart as it’s in pretty bad shape, and it’s behaving itself), and the urge to cook might be mutually exclusive. I generally work on the principle that if I can stand, I can cook, or do whatever else needs doing (there is, after all, only me here).

          It is, I confess, an attitude that occasionally gets me shouted at by those who worry about me! Probably justifiably, if I’m honest.

          • Where I come from, that attitude is described as THOUGH. 😉

            But for us who live with chronic illness I guess it’s the only way of life – take whatever you have that day and make the best out of it.

            • Yep – your second para pretty much sums it up. I’ve been seriously ill since the age of 2, so crises and normal life have pretty much had to co-exist, fitting the latter in wherever possible.

  1. OK, I’ve calmed down now – but, you ever get that bad again I’ll come to the Wirral and stomp all over you with my prosthetic leg, which can be quite heavy as long as I put some pressure on it!
    You should have called for an ambulance! Don’t you have GTN? If so then you should have taken that.
    What heart meds are you on?
    Mine are Asprin, Adalat, Isosorbide Monitrate and GTN when I need it. I haven’t had an angina attack for a couple of years now, which is fantastic, and I’m to keep taking the meds forever and always have a GTN spray on hand. You can buy GTN over the counter if you like, in either the spray form or tablets. Once you use them then make sure you go by the dates that they tell you as the tablets have a short life of 21 days once opened, and a wee bit longer on the spray. Good thing is, it’s not that expensive to buy.
    If you get pain like that again, just phone the 9’s and get help!
    You’ve been overdoing it – and you were up and down a stepladder! I know there is only you but can’t you get a spring cleaning lady to come around? What about a friend that can reach places that you can’t? Someone who wouldn’t mind doing a few jobs for a couple of bob?
    Now stop overdoing it and rest – OK, keep the mind as active as you can but let the body rest or you’ll be writing to tell us you’re dead!

    • I haven’t had angina for years, hence no GTN. If this is going to be a problem, then I need it, but it’s complicated – GTN and COPD don’t mix. GTN dilates EVERYTHING, including the smooth muscle in the lungs. And if I use GTN then have a coughing fit, it feels as if my lungs are being ripped out through my back with a boathook, so it has to be used with great care. I’ll order a spray online – CBA arguing with my cretinous GP. I used to have a spray, they stay effective for much longer than the tablets.

      As I said in the post, I’ll go to the hospital if it happens again, but only to confirm it is angina, not a coronary. No way am I being admitted if it’s not.

      I take a beta-blocker, Nebivolol, and aspirin. I used to have a calcium-channel blocker, Angitil, but bloody APH stopped it for some reason.

      I had a cleaner last year – £10 an hour – frankly, I can do a better job myself for free (which is why I bought the Dyson). Huge problem was paying her in cash. I don’t use cash except for taxi fares, and then we stop at an ATM on the way. Everything else I use plastic, and it was a pain in the butt, now I’m housebound, having to trek up to the nearest ATM for money, in my powerchair, when it’s always sodding raining!

      So, when she discovered I had MRSA last year, she vanished (she might have given it to me, her brother has it – it had to be her or the nurses, there was no-one else), and it seemed like a good time to let her go as she was rubbish (if she washed the dishes they wound up dirtier than they’d been, and I wound up doing them anyway). No matter what I said, I couldn’t stop her leaving razor-sharp knives blade-up in the cutlery drainer. Eventually, she was banned from the kitchen – just too dangerous as well as useless. And she just couldn’t grasp that you don’t wash electronics! Daft old bag ruined an expensive bathroom scale.

      Not up and down a stepladder, btw, just 3 steps up, reattach the reflective film, and then down – job done.


  2. Heed the words of the wise jaypot Ron.

    Can’t have you collapsing when you have a recipe like that in the pipeline.

    In mercenary mode..

    • Making the Quorn sausage thing today – that’s easy enough. That’s for the freezer and all being well I’ll get to the lamb on Thursday. Looking forward to that. Got to find out how much Harissa to use, though – I’ve not tried it before. Google should have the answer!


  3. Is there not an actual cleaning maid/service near you? That’s a damned shame if you haven’t as they do a roaring business in Scotland. You can get them monthly, weekly, daily or, the best bit, you can get them to come spring clean and that’s when they are at their busiest ‘cos so many want a spring clean but can’t do it, or are too bloody lazy to do it. Those with money really make them work for their money!
    Sorry for shouting at you, just worried 🙂 And as for the stepladder to reattach the film, I could argue that you did go up and down a stepladder even if it was three steps, as you went up, and you came down, but I won’t *pulls tongues* 😀

    • Phooey!

      There’s probably loads of cleaning services, but from what I’ve learned from other people, they all want cash. That or they’re way beyond my budget which, now I’ve bought everything I can possibly need, is going to be dedicated to stockpiling money against the day when my name comes out of the IDS hat!

      Seriously, though. I can manage pretty well these days – the big problem was when my leg was leaking and and I could barely stand for the pain. I’m past that now (though the buggerdly thing could come back), and being active is actually good for lymphoedema as muscle use boosts the lymphatic circulation.

      Don’t worry about shouting at me – it can be a popular pastime!

      Leg’s bad today so, tomorrow, there’s going to be a change. The lesions are pretty dry now, so I’m going to apply the dressings wet (bought some normal saline to moisten them), and change them daily. Should stop them sticking and leaving a raw wound every time they’re changed, so healing will get more of a chance. The wet dressing needs an impermeable cover, so I’ll sterilise some pieces of clingfilm and use them, or cut up some plastic bags and sterilise those – easier to handle.

      I’m not going to let this beat me!

      And oddly my leg feels hugely swollen – but it’s not, it’s fine.

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