A Recipe: Vegetarian Sausage and Cannellini Bean Casserole – Warning…

Well, I made this, exactly as described. And I don’t think I’ve ever cooked anything so irredeemably awful.

The sausages were insanely salty and, after I’d fixed that, tasted of bugger all! They also had the texture of boiled, stale, bread.

As they contributed nothing in the way of flavour to the dish, all it tasted of was the background veggies and stock cubes. Had this been meat-based I could have rescued it pretty easily. As it was, I cut my losses and binned it.

The Quorn Cumberland sausages are dire when used like this (I doubt** they’d be up to much fried or grilled) – the basic ones are much better and fine for home-made baked beans in tomato, with sausages, which I’ve made several times. Oh, and these days they make no attempt to make them sausage shaped – they’re simply extruded like toothpaste, and cut to length – flabby cylinders of blahness!

**I was a veggie for 20+ years – when it comes to cooking veggie food I do know what I’m doing!

DO NOT MAKE THIS RECIPE – YOU WILL REGRET IT! And that is something I have never said in 57 years of cobbling up my own recipes.

2 thoughts on “A Recipe: Vegetarian Sausage and Cannellini Bean Casserole – Warning…

    • I doubt there’ll be a next time. Not with this recipe when the Toulouse sausage version works so well, and certainly not with Quorn – it sucks.

      I’m just writing up the recipe for the Middle Eastern lamb casserole – that worked out just fine!

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