An open email to Andy Burnham, Shadow Health Secretary…

I’ve just had an email from the labour Party, over Andy Burnham’s name, soliciting my support to defend the NHS against Cameron. I followed the online process to the bitter end, only to find that as I’m too ill to physically take part, and too skint to donate, I’m effectively dismissed as useless.

Feeling slightly peeved at this, I replied to the email. This is what I said;- Continue reading

Clarifying butter, revisited for Spoonies…

And if you don’t know what a Spoonie is, especially if you are chronically sick and disabled, then read The Spoon Theory now.


Yesterday, I renewed my stock of clarified butter by, erm, clarifying a kilo of French President-brand butter. A lot of people don’t like French butter’s often pronounced cheesy taste and smell, but I do, especially as so much British and New Zealand butter is so bland. President isn’t as good as Continue reading

A lost vegetarian recipe, resurrected…

While I’m typing this I’m also clarifying a kilo of butter, so if I disappear from time to time, that’s where I’ve gone.

Some years ago a veggie friend was given a huge amount of runner beans. Not being one of nature’s cooks, she passed them on to me. I made a casserole with them, and passed a few portions back. This went on for a while, and then supplies dried up.

Then we got to talking about it, recently, and I realised I no longer had a copy of the recipe – odd as I have my own recipes going back to Continue reading

Nurses and Hygiene – and brutality…

As I said a few days ago, in this post, I intended to take issue with the nurses – especially the staff nurse – over their iffy hygiene. So, on Monday, I did.

There were actually two problems, one hygiene-related and this one, which is just dumb.

By early evening, last Friday, the dressing that had been changed in the morning was causing so much pain I had to remove it. The problem was that the Aquacel pad had been folded as it was too big and no-one had any sterile scissors. Why nurses would be without sterile scissors, or  why they couldn’t have done Continue reading

Affordable medical insurance? Yeah, right…

“Private medical insurance,” says the ad, “It’s not as expensive as you think.”

Really? And that’s not the most egregious, lying, bollocks I think it is?

As a lifelong member of the Chronically Sick and Disabled Community, I currently have nine separate, serious, conditions,*** about half of which are potentially fatal.

And there are very many more within the CS&DC with conditions Continue reading

I am beset by inept morons, and severely pissed off!

Warning: Sweary! I’m goddamned furious!

On Wednesday I ordered a Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 from Amazon, who couldn’t be bothered telling me that they had no stock in the UK and it was coming from Germany. Which, when I found out, posed a couple of questions, like why didn’t they tell me and would it be UK-compatible? (Potential voltage problems for a start.) So I cancelled it, not least because the original Thursday delivery had been stretched to Monday.

I then ordered one from Ebuyer, for delivery today. One snag Continue reading

Leg report – not 100% happy.

Feeling pretty crap today.  Can’t sleep and way too much pain round the clock.

Since the turn of the year I’ve had no trouble getting to sleep – staying asleep is a whole different ball game. I’ve not slept for more than an hour at a stretch, and often only half an hour. Add in the almsot constant pain,and I’m in grave danger of becoming unravelled

New nurse on Wednesday (think I might have seen her once before), said she was going to tell GP he had Continue reading