Intravenous drug ban.

The following letter will become part of my hospital kit with immediate effect. The reasons for the ban are described in detail in this post. Beware – if you have a serious needle phobia you might want to give it a miss.


To whom it may concern,

Subject: I-V drugs etc.

This is to inform you that I will not permit the intravenous administration of drugs or any other substances unless my life is demonstrably at risk. This also applies to PICC lines or any other device of a similar nature.

The reason for this is that last time I was admitted to APH in November 2013, i-v use was so enormously careless and in some cases so stupid and incompetent that it bordered on the criminal, and almost every accessible vein, in both hands and both arms, was damaged, some beyond recovery at the time of writing, causing me a great deal of pain and distress.

This will not be permitted to happen again.

By the time I was discharged, the aversion to needles that has been a problem since childhood had been ramped up into a full-blown phobia. That is still the case. If I am able to control it sufficiently I will permit blood to be taken (by Phlebotomy staff only – see my file for the reason, April 2013). That is the limit of what I will permit.

Yours faithfully,


2 thoughts on “Intravenous drug ban.

  1. Ron i can understand what you are saying they did this to my husband his arms was a mess……good letter and good idea.can i ask you a question…have you heard of the Liverpool Care Pathway? regards Wyn

    • The Liverpool Legalised Euthanasia Pathway? Oh yes, I’ve heard of that. I sincerely hope that by the time I reach my own endgame that it’s been declared illegal.

      I have no objection to the “Oh bugger, that’s too much morphine!” approach to tipping terminally ill people into the darkness, especially if the pain is insupportable, but starving them to death? That’s just barbaric.


      I could have sworn I wrote a blog post on the subject, but if I did, I can’t find it. Maybe I wrote it and didn’t publish it – it happens.

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