The War on Apathy…

I reblogged this post What is wrong with all of you: because it echoes what I’ve been writing myself over the past couple of years, and was immediately taken to task (even though I didn’t write it), by someone who is a full-time carer and stuck at home.

But here’s the thing – it’s not aimed at them, or at me, as I am stuck at home too, through illness. It’s aimed at people who are capable of organising, or participating in, protests, but don’t.

As for me, writing is what I do – it’s ALL I can do – it’s up to others to do anything more physical. Yes, I know other wheelies do take part, but were I to do so, I’d be putting my life on the line, and I don’t have a martyr complex. Life sucks, but it’s all I’ve got.

I’ve been writing about the Tories, both in government and since before the 2010 election, when their plans for the chronically sick and disabled were on the Conservative website for all to see (I linked to the page – shortly afterwards it was taken down – luckily I’d posted a few of the salient points). This is the post, from December 17, 2009.

But, eventually, I mostly gave up on the political stuff because there’s only so much futility I can stand** and, out in the real world, away from blogs and Twitter, apathy rules with a leaden hand (with a few honourable exceptions).

**And because the last couple of years have been dominated by my own health problems, which might yet kill me. What physical and mental resources I have (both are fragile), I need.

Mostly the attitude seems to be, “It doesn’t affect me – let someone else deal with it”. Unfortunately, far too many of those people it does affect are not able to deal with it. Maybe you can?

If you are able-bodied you need to bear one thing in mind – you are us – in potentia. You are one illness, one redundancy, one accident, away from joining our ranks, or those of the unemployed. And we need your help. By helping us now you help your future self, and your future family.

Why is that so hard to understand?


7 thoughts on “The War on Apathy…

  1. I’m with you Ron – I understand as thousands and thousands of disabled people and their carers and families understand. Why can’t able bodied people, our friends, our acquaintances, spread the word and then ask their friends and families to spread the word…
    Apathy in this country has become a curtain that people hide behind – it was those who didn’t vote due to apathy, that let this unelected coalition in in the first place, and now they can’t be bothered to get them out!

  2. Another reason that people are unwilling to organise and attend demonstrations is that the police now have so much power to film you, kettle you, assault you, arrest you et al, that not many people are going to be able to cope with that happening to them

    There’s also the cost of getting to and from demonstrations

    Not forgetting mental health. Many people with those problems simply cannot cope with travelling, being amongst groups of people too can be impossible

    Whilst we are staring at our screens we have our backs to the world sadly.

    • Good point. Practically every image of anti-fracking demos shows examples of criminal assault by the police – yet no action is taken.

      The cheapest return fare Liverpool-London is £301 (or I could buy a single each way for £132 total – who thinks this crap up?). That’s booking 10 days in advance. Some demos only give a couple of days notice, so will cost more. Plus taxis as I can’t walk. Or stand in a queue, so travel is out anyway!

      Another complicating factor is that I take 81 tablets and capsules a day, so would have to take them with me, plus several days worth extra in case I’m delayed/arrested/hospitalised. Plus water – a lot.

      Not that I’m going anywhere – just pointing up the logistical and financial impossibility for a disabled person on benefits/pension to attend a London demo.

  3. some have families to look after or like me, pets. yes i could get someone to look after my dog. but would add to the cost. his walker charges £10 an hour just to walk him/ she is very good though on the odd occasions ive needed someone to look after him for a day. its cost me about 20quid.she has picked him up a couple of hours after leaving home, taken him to hers and/or her mums. given him 2/3 walks in the nearby park. heaven for him as he doesnt get walks every day.only 4 out of 7 days.but that would escalate were i to be arrested. no one else could do it. travelling i can do, but not on my own and not too far. but would definitelyy need a wheelchair. but no one in my family can push one for various reasons., i could go on. but i know i would never cope in a crowd, or with being arrested if that happened. court case, possible prison.??? , takes me all my time to go to my docs these days n they are rarely crowded. like you all. i can raise awareness n sign petitions.till that right is also taken away from us.

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