What is wrong with all of you:


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  1. Sorry not able to walk the walk as stuck at home looking after very poorly tetraplegic hubby , 24/7 because NHS are not doing their job and providing the care workers we are entitled to. So social media is all I can do to raise awareness of the issues that affect us.

  2. Hi Ron. The link provided does not provide a form to complete to join and offer the group support. I bust a hip on 6th January after a fall. Now suffering from the effects of 30/500 co codamol. COPD much worse during exercise and sleeping is difficult to say the least. The wife is going to use some of your soup recipies as I fancy something really tasty!

    All the best to you Ron. Geoff.

    • Cheers, Geoff. Nothing I can do, I’m afraid – it’s not my post, it’s a re-blog. Hopefully it’ll get sorted soon.

      The Lamb and Harissa recipe is pretty damn good!

      Have you tried sleeping sitting up (needs a bed wedge or a backrest**). Works for me, especially now I have a profiling bed.

      **And in the interests of harmony, probably twin beds too!

    • Hi Geoff
      If you go back to the link you will find that above the actual writing are links for Home and Comment – if you go to comment then this opens a box for you to say what you can do to support the group and become part of it 🙂
      HTH – Jay

  3. I’ve reblogged and commented:
    I’m in total agreement with you and am also extremely angry that we haven’t stood up and done something. We’ve had over 3 years and still the cuts go on, still people die, still people go hungry and homeless. The cuts are only affecting the lower paid, the unemployed, the disabled and long term sick, the pensioners, the low paid working, those on workfare and other work “options” such as zero hours, part time etc. The people who stood together at one time made a difference – it’s getting them stood together which is the hardest thing to do! They don’t want to get off their comfy arses, they tell themselves “Well others are fighting so I don’t need to”, and the main thing that they all have in common is cowardice, and I am ashamed of being part of the “British Public”!

    • I know it’s not us that the post is aimed at, just like Ron says, but we have a huge population, we have friends online, we have communities online and we have social media – if everyone kept on sharing the link/links then maybe friends and online friends would attend meetings, would write to various people who can help us, would go on peaceful marches etc.
      I am going to an Atos Demonstration on 19th February in Dundee – I’ll be in my wheelchair or my scooter and I’ll be part of “the people”, but I can’t do that most of the time and I can’t go on large demonstrations that do go around towns and cities, even if I wanted to 😦
      Everyone can get involved in a small way which means signing petitions and passing on posts that need to be seen. From little acorns grow…

    • I was tempted to add “Put not your faith in e-petitions!”. But I’m just so sick of pointing out, to people who refuse to accept it, that the government have a solid-gold Get Out of Jail Free card – they can legally ignore anything they don’t approve of.

      Yes, fine, get over 100k signatures and you get your moment in the limelight, but any motions carried as a result of that have no legal standing, as we saw with the original badger cull petition. Pity people aren’t bloody badgers, we’d have no problem with support then! Something radically wrong with priorities in this country.

  4. Oh I totally agree with you Ron. The thing about this unelected coalition is that they take no notice of anyone – courts, judges, the EU, their own MP’s and backbenchers and of course, us! They don’t see that they are public servants, who are paid by us to do a job – they have these grandiose ideas that they are rulers – it’s time they learnt to become the servants again!
    The only way this can be done is for people to either stop paying taxes and other bills, or to have civil disobedience, and I don’t want that option. But then again, the water cannons are on order so something is afoot. Probably rescinding our right to vote or cancelling the election – after all, it could happen and now that the Lords have thrown out the In/Out vote for the EU (which everyone knew wasn’t going to happen) – then this government are a law unto themselves and could easily state that they are staying in power!

  5. Can they really do that? that surely would really be breaking the laws of the land more than ever Jay. wouldnt it? thing is. although as i understand it, the EU courts of human rights, and United Nations have both said that cameron etc are wrong in so many ways. what can THEY do if camerons lot choose to ignore even the UN?
    mind you i can easily see why they would do that because once they reliquish the reins (whether by being voted out or by being forced out some other way) they know their days will be numbered. some one somewhere will, i am sure, take the law into THEIR own hands and do something to them… they wont have the protection they have now unless its paid for out of their own pockets once they are plain Mr’s or Mrs’s or Misses. so i can see them trying every dirty trick in n out of the book to stay where they are. oh why dont we have lunatic asylums anymore? or better still, asylums for the criminally insane (think we do have those still). best places for them all.

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