2 thoughts on “WordPress.com is being a pain in the butt right now.

  1. Hmmm, I don’t know what is up with WP for you but mine seems to be working alright – at the moment!
    I don’t write in my blog, well not much anyway, but I do reblog as much as I can. Every now and WP will log me out and I have to put in my password again, but that’s not a great problem.
    You use your blog a lot and of course, by replying to others as well you use it even more.
    Have you written to WP and asked what is happening with your account?
    And the silliest question of all, but one that does slip peoples minds every now and then – have you cleared you history and cookies 🙂
    Jay xx

    • History is cleared every time I shut down Firefox. Cookies, no – I’d spend half my life resetting passwords if I did that.

      WP used to be configured for Firefox. I don’t think it is any longer as it works far better on Chrome now.

      WP support is almost non-existent these days which must be a bugger for newbies. The forum can be good – I used to be on there myself sharing what I knew – but last time I looked some of those offering “advice” hadn’t a clue.

      Time was when you clicked the support link it’d bring up a support ticket to get help from staff. That no longer happens. Now you get several pages of pointless crap before being dumped in the forums!


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