If you are what you eat, you’ll wish you weren’t!

A regular theme on my blog over the past few years has been the abysmal quality of food, particularly where added water is concerned. This has seen me be accused of being either excessively picky, or “not cooking it properly”.

In the first instance, where food is concerned, one can never be too picky, and when it comes to cooking ability, I defer to nobody – I’ve been cooking since I was 12 and I’m bloody good!

So, to my critics, and to anyone who actually cares passionately, as I do, about the quality of the food they eat, I commend this article in today’s Guardian, which shines a light into the grubbier corners of the UK (and EU), food industry. The title and headline, while not exactly punchy (where’s the drama, Guardian?), are  enough to scare the crap out of any sensible person:-

“Fake-food scandal revealed as tests show third of products mislabelled

Consumers are being sold drinks with banned flame-retardant additives, pork in beef, and fake cheese, laboratory tests show.”

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4 thoughts on “If you are what you eat, you’ll wish you weren’t!

  1. Ugh! But nothing surprises me these days – profit, profit and more profit is wanted and bugger the consumer.
    I only hope that the food that Cameron and IDS etc. eat, are full of foul stuff that’s even worse than what the plebs eat! 🙂

  2. I do wish they’d published a list of all the foods that they tested and found “other” ingredients in.

    I’ve known about this “cheese food” for a while. I used to know a chap who had worked in a big Kraft factory and he wouldn’t go near anything containing “cheese food” as it was basically the byproduct slops at the bottom of the bin from the manufacture of some other processed crap

    I’m not surprised by the article, and like Jaypot, I hope that the tyrants that rule us gorge upon this crap or worse.

    • When I was about 13 there was a shoplifting craze, and I nicked a “sausage” of “Velveeta Cheese Food” from one of the very early supermarkets. Ate it and puked for days!

      Pretend cheese is pretty common, though – it’s aimed at the vegan market (there’s one called Sheese, an elision of shit and cheese, presumably! 😉 ). More worrying was something Tesco used to sell a few years back – big, yellow, vacuum-packed, blocks labelled in large, white, letters – CHEESE. What kind? God knows – some sort of industrial crap.

  3. it is disgusting though. pork in beef. well thank you to the bloody food industry. that will account for the times my IBS flares when i haven’t eaten (to my knowledge) any of the foods that trigger it.. i cant eat pork, as a lot of people cant. and how do we know these additives arent responsible for a number of different conditions people are getting these days much more than in the past.????

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