Is the DWP institutionally insane, or purely evil?

IDS has the lunatic idea that plunging chronically sick and disabled people into penury, starvation, and homelessness will magically stop them from being chronically sick and disabled, which pretty much defines both descriptions.

Here’s a thought, IDS – since I became unable to work I’ve been homeless, and penniless, and I’ve succumbed to starvation, and guess what – I’m sicker now than I’ve ever been. How does that sit with your perverted world view?

And except for the very few who are milking the system – and you might want to look at your own department’s statistics on that before your next Daily Mail/Telegraph/BBC Lie-Fest – that would also make anyone else who is chronically sick and disabled very much worse, simply because there is no way, outside of the putrescent chaos inside your head, that any other result is possible.

And now we have Mike Pennington trotting out the same insane garbage, by abolishing a compensation scheme for businesses paying long-term sick pay to their employees. Do that, and the sick won’t get paid. Larger businesses will seize the opportunity to save money and offload sick and disabled staff, while smaller businesses simply won’t be able to afford to pick up the tab, and will do likewise. How will that help the sick recover?

It won’t, but it may force many of them to return to work long before they are well, to their considerable detriment and, if they’re infectious, to the detriment of their colleagues, too.

There’s also a plan to introduce medical assessments for anyone off work, sick, for over 4 weeks. Pennington seems unaware that this option already exists and has done for many years. In 1980, off work for 3 months, I was assessed by a DHSS doctor around the second month. He told me I should consider never returning to work, as I was just too ill to continue.

Foolishly, I did go back to work. The next year saw a repeat performance and, shortly thereafter, I was forced to finally give up the unequal struggle.

But I digress – these medical assessments are not compulsory, according to Pennington, but I strongly suspect that they’re not compulsory in much the same way as Workfare is claimed not to be – to whit, it’s a total crock.

So if you are long-term sick your sick pay will probably vanish, and DWP “doctors” (ATOS, no doubt), will hound you back to work before you’re ready. All that will do is create yet more people who, denied the opportunity to recover fully, eventually become too ill to work at all.

And the DWP will ensure that as many as possible of  the newly disabled  ESA applicants fail their WCA – just as they’re doing now, keeping them in the poverty into which the loss of sick pay plunged them, and from which they are desperately trying to escape.

Then IDS and Cameron can sit back and laugh their deranged heads off at PMQs as the suicide rate heads for the stratosphere…


11 thoughts on “Is the DWP institutionally insane, or purely evil?

  1. i heard a rumour that ATOS were to be suspended and that an enquiry was going on into their behaviour. ????? this was just before xmas. nothing heard about it since. have you heard anything about this Ron?

      • such a pity. i had planned to ignore my diets (diabetic,acid reflux, IBS ones) plus bought a bottle of champagne or something and toasted their demise. and i dont would have been worth a couple of days of indigestion and sat on the pot would that.

    • In this instance they already have jobs, so that’s not an issue. The problem is that people are going to be forced to return to work before they are well, or fired for failing to do so.

  2. This will be a more formal version of what has been going on for years and years.

    Employee goes sick.
    Employer asks private company (Atos) to carry out an assessment of the employee’s likely ability to cope with the job including any adaptations that could be made to help the employee
    Employer indicates to Atos beforehand that they want rid of the sick employee
    Atos carry out assessment, write a report (generally made of lies) that the employee will never be fit to do their existing job or any other job in the company (with or without adaptations)
    The employee is sacked.
    End of.

    This has been going on for a very long time, it isn’t only Atos who carry out these assessments for employers. There are many companies who do it.

    Because employers won’t get reimbursed for paying SSP, they will be queuing up at the doors of these companies. It gives them the perfect get out, of any employment contract type you care to mention.

    Shameful, all of it.

  3. Maybe, just maybe this is the start of even more draconian cuts that are coming, which are all going to add up to something happening in the UK!
    I know that something is up and that there is going to be trouble as why else would they be buying water cannons?

    • On the other hand, IDS thinks what he “believes” is more accurate and more important than provable facts, is a pathological liar, and finds the deaths of thousands hilarious. Pretty much defines insane in my book.

      The question, though, Jay, was rhetorical – just to attract attention.

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