Beware of the Online Co-Op Electrical Store – Update.

Got a phone call this morning from their customer services department, to tell me they’d processed my refund. Finally. Not in response to either of my faxed letters, but to my blog post.

Why has it taken so long? Apparently, the person I was dealing with is new, and while she processed the return of my appliance it apparently didn’t occur to her that I might like a refund.

I find that extremely hard to accept as we’d been exchanging emails, and in hers of  15 January 2014, 18:33, she offered me a refund. In mine of 15/01/2014, 20:18, I accepted. And call me picky, but new staff should be monitored to ensure they’re doing the job correctly, especially when dealing with the public, and when there is money at stake.

I sent 9 emails in total, plus two faxed letters specifically asking where my refund was** – the Co-Op, apparently, has no record of any of them. If that’s true, then someone must have deleted the emails – but why? As for the fax machine, I’m willing to bet it’s stuck in a remote corner and it’s nobody’s job to check it for received messages.

**£399, and far better in my bank account than the Co-Op’s.


3 thoughts on “Beware of the Online Co-Op Electrical Store – Update.

  1. i am a co-op member and to be honest, i didn’t even know they sold that sort of stuff. food and medical stuff yes but nothing else. certainly h’avent come across a store around this area that does anyway.. Did have an experience with Argos ,year before last, when i bought a fridge freezer for my daughter.first one was nowhere like the specs/or pic in the was sent back. a different one sent in return. 6 months down the line it broke for some reason. defrosted all her food overnight. so that’s when it all started. like you with the coop… numerous phone calls, emails, letters etc. went back n forth. while she was stuck, a diabetic, having to eat out of tins, in hot weather. nowhere cool even to put half used ones either her own or pet food. risking god knows what. while they wrangled over it. she didnt want a refund, she wanted a fridge freezer, we weren’t going to let them take the old back without they delivered the new at the same time. that’s what was supposed to happen only stupid couriers put them on separate wagons. so another day without. we refused to let the men take the old one still. got our way eventually. had to pay an extra 50quid for a different model again, which has done well i must say. but whats with these firms these days? the customer is no longer right or when they are the firms do everything they can to ……make the experience as awkward and difficult and upsetting as they possibly can.

  2. Hooray – at last! As for the new member of staff, I wonder if she’s workfare? Just a thought as the staff always get the blame, and if she’s workfare she’ll be the lowest of the low there, and get blamed for every paper clip that gets trodden on!
    Now I need a fridge freezer for the garage – nothing elaborate, just a self defrosting one that works. The fridge/freezer in the house is great, but its not ours, so we have ours in the garage – its getting a bit old, like me 🙂 and is starting to fall apart, again, just like me 😀
    I hope I don’t get all this type of palaver when I get it!!!

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