The Benefit Sanction Debt Trap: Is this Iain Duncan Smith’s Nastiest Move So Far?

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sanction-sabs Unemployed and disabled people could find themselves owing the Government hundreds, or even thousands of pounds, if they fail to attend workfare or miss a meeting with the Jobcentre.

Details are emerging (thanks to @refuted) of a horrifying regime planned when Universal Credit is introduced which will see emergency Hardship Payments converted into repayable loans.

These payments will be all that is available to people who have had benefits sanctioned for not meet the draconian and ever-changing conditions for claiming benefits.  Claimants can face benefit sanctions for being late to an appointment, missing a meeting or failing to turn up for unpaid workfare placements.  In some cases sanctions can last up to three years.  Hundreds of thousands of benefit sanctions each year are now inflicted on some of the poorest people in the country by Jobcentres.

Hardship Payments, currently set at just over £40 a week for unemployed…

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4 thoughts on “The Benefit Sanction Debt Trap: Is this Iain Duncan Smith’s Nastiest Move So Far?

  1. Hi Ron many thanks for bringing this info for our attention this gov and new labour need to know that all people affected by this draconion treatment can and will i hope vote there frustration come election time.
    As said by benefits and work site there are a lot of dla and incapacity- esa voters out there tell them that you can and will vote.

    • Tempting though it is, I can’t take credit for this – it’s a reblog from Johnny Void’s blog.

      And while it’s true there are a lot of benefit claimants, and we all have votes, we are spread pretty thinly across all the constituencies and I’m not convinced we have the numbers to affect the result overmuch.

      And as I said here, if the Left don’t vote solid Labour, we’re screwed. It’s Labour or the Tories – nobody else is remotely electable. Though UKIP could just surprise everybody. I doubt they could win outright, but the last thing we need is a UKIP-Tory coalition!

      • hi ron although i was a life long labour party supporter it was tony blair who started the draconion welfare reforms and the dreaded atos and the tories have increased the reforms with dla to pip we really need a party to speak up for welfare for a change.

        • Yep, I know. And Freud was with Labour in 2008 when he wrote his lie-fest for the Torygraph, saying most IB claimants were frauds (this post isn’t mine as I said, it’s a re-blog – but I’ve been writing about this subject, at length, since 2009).

          Atos and the reforms might be Labour’s babies, but it took the putrescent insanity of the IDS years, aided and abetted by Osborne and fuelled by Cameron’s hatred, to drive people into penury, homelessness, and suicide. Can’t blame Labour for that.

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