All my recipes on Kindle, and the Kindle in the Kitchen…

In the previous post I told you I’d attached a tablet computer to the kitchen cupboard. There are several ways to do this. This way doesn’t cost £30 – £40. £12 is much better.

I bought this tablet holder, intended for a car, but what the hell:-

Tablet holder Click the thumbnails to view full size, the Back button to return.

As it turned out I couldn’t find a way to load my recipe documents onto the tablet, so I opted for my original Kindle Paperwhite (I currently use a Paperwhite 3G), and used Amazon’s free Kindle document conversion service to convert a test Word file to Kindle format. Worked well, and extremely quickly. Ignore the instructions on Amazon’s website, converted documents are now delivered via Amazon’s Cloud, just as everything Kindle is now.

So that was easy, but what bothered me was that car windscreen mounts are held in place with a large sucker and while I never had one let go back when I used satnav, it’s always a possibility.  I had to protect against it.

I’d taken the Kindle out of its case, so now I cut off the cover with a Stanley knife, and bored a small hole in the back, in the bottom right corner, through which I threaded a length of 30lb test braided fly line. I tied the end to a washer and put the Kindle back in and mounted it in the holder stuck to the door. Then I formed a loop in the other end of the line, hooked it over the door handle, and now my Kindle won’t go crashing to the floor if the sucker lets go. You can get the braided fly line in a variety of colours, mine if fluorescent yellow but you can probably get something close to the colour of your fixtures. I don’t care that much, and the bright yellow is easily seen if it should somehow become detached.

To my surprise the washer gets in the way of the Kindle fitting tightly in its case more than I thought it would, but a little duct tape on that corner will fix the problem and all will be well

Now all I have to do is collect my recipes together and get them converted. Amazon’s free service runs to 5GB – that’s a hell of a lot of recipe-sized Word files. And what I’m trying to decide is whether to put them all together in one file, which means creating an index of hyperlinks, or keep each recipe separate. The latter means less work for me, I think.

This is the tablet in situ – the Kindle is in the same place.

Kitchen tablet


6 thoughts on “All my recipes on Kindle, and the Kindle in the Kitchen…

      • If you don’t refer to your blog in the book, then I’m sure other people would buy it. Even if you just charged 99p for it, you’d make some money.

        • It’s a thought, Tricia, but Google Ron Graves – see what you get. If anyone Googles me, I’m pretty hard to miss.

          At the moment, all the recipes in that blog post need rewriting for the Kindle, then sending off tp Amazon for converting (I need two versions – individual recipes for my own use, and all in one volume for possible sale. Not sure how many there are – around 25-30 is my guess – so how well that goes will dictate whether I can go further with it – it’ll certainly need more recipes. I’m not sure how many are on my blog in total, or on my computer, plus the hard drive backups from previous machines, but in my head it feels like a hell of a lot.

          And it’s not just the recipes, of course, they need to be strung together – or at least bookended – with some sort of narrative structure. I wrote a veggie cookbook in the early 90s, just for the hell of it – it was a hell of a lot of work. OK, ebooks didn’t exist then, so it’ll be easier now. I’ll see how it goes.

            • At the moment I’m on the second part of my blog project Cooking – Back to Basics, Part 2 – the Kitchen Store Cupboard… That’s likely to be longer than Part 1.

              Both could usefully form parts of any future ebook, along with the recipes – there’s also about 50 of those in my original book, which need retyping and updating.

              I think a book is doable – could take a while, though, as I still have to keep my blog going, which is getting harder as it’s difficult to find anything new to say. And as you say, it does depend on how well I am and, to be honest, that’s not good, nor is it getting better. I only got through Tuesday’s outing on sheer bloodymindedness. I was so weak it scared the crap out of me. Still going back if I get the chance though.

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