Sick and Disabled – is our own Kristallnacht coming?

As a lifelong member of the Chronically Sick and Disabled Community, and a blogger, I’ve watched, and written about at considerable length, this appalling government’s dishonest, bigoted, and hate-filled behaviour since the moment Cameron seized power and instigated this pogrom, this cull of the sick and disabled (planned well before the election, as I showed in 2009), followed by the persecution of the unemployed, while IDS’s insanely corrupt policy of sanctioning everybody for anything or even nothing is driving the unemployed into destitution, homelessness and suicide, along with those who are too ill and/or disabled to work, yet have lost their benefits anyway, because the corruption follows wherever the deadly hand of IDS touches. Make no mistake – he enjoys the chaos, misery and death he’s causing, as is evident from his behaviour in the Commons whenever the subject is raised. He thinks it’s hilarious.

Atos carries the can for much of this – and quite rightly – but all they are doing is what IDS and his cronies tell them to do – that’s where the blame ultimately lies. Lies being the operative word, of course, as barely a word of truth emanates from the DWP. If IDS wished me a Good Morning, I’d double-check it!

As for Cameron, he might have passed the baton of persecution on to IDS, but I doubt his mind has changed by one iota since I put forward the idea, some years ago on another blog, that he might well bear a grudge against us – the sick and disabled population – over the death of his son. Why should we be alive when he is not?

And not just alive, but “prospering”. Something to which he just had to put a stop. And someone else suggested that Cameron might actually be using his late son’s condition as a benchmark against which  all other disabled people were to be judged. And wouldn’t that explain a hell of a lot?

That was then, this is now, and nothing has happened in the interim to make me think either of us was even slightly wrong.

And I have to wonder, given all that, and the way Channel 4 is currently ramping up the bigotry and hatred, cheered on with  deranged glee by IDS, can our very own Kristallnacht really be far away?

I sincerely doubt it.

A much shorter version of this appears in the comments following this Independent article.

7 thoughts on “Sick and Disabled – is our own Kristallnacht coming?

  1. Great post and every word true!
    Now the government are trying to put all the blame on Atos instead of themselves! Atos is to go but it’s the WCA that is the biggest problem and that is IDS’ fault for continuing with it. Out with Atos, the WCA and IDS and co.

    • This is a perfect opportunity for Atos to say Hey! We just did as we were told!

      If they don’t we’ll never know if IDS and Cameron are responsible for everything(my view), or if Atos really are as bad as many think they are.

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