Amazon are now lying to me…

My order has now been despatched (see last post). However, Amazon have chosen to lie to me about where it has been despatched from.

This tracking page, accessed via an email from Amazon, shows it was allegedly despatched from a source in the UK:-

ScreenShot006 Click thumbnails to view full size, Back button to return.

While this one, accessed directly from my Amazon account, tells a different tale; it was despatched from Germany:-


So I sent this message to Amazon:-

Why are you lying to me?

Clicking the tracking button in the email you’ve just sent me shows this:-

Your parcel has left facility and is in transit (Updated 0 minute(s) ago)

That is not true. Using the online tracking button within my order shows that this item was despatched from Rheinberg, and is still in Germany.

Care to explain why I wasn’t told that you had no stock in the UK? And why you lied about it being despatched from

And I urge you to choose your words very carefully.


4 thoughts on “Amazon are now lying to me…

  1. My friend and I always ask to talk to a supervisor when we get fobbed off. That way we get better compensated. In your case, I’d be wanting more than one free month; I’d want money too.

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