Amazon buggeration . . .

I spend a hell of a lot of money, over the course of a year, with Amazon, and every so often they manage to piss me off enormously. This is one of those times.

Yesterday I ordered a Samsung Galaxy Tab 3, 7” as, among other things, I’m finding my Kindle Fire HD and my iPad 3 too heavy, especially the latter, and I need something lighter (I have a Galaxy S3, but excellent though it is, it’s a bit small to spend much time typing on – the Tab 3 fits nicely between the Fire and the S3). The Fire’s refusal to load Google apps and accept only crappy and mostly trivial Amazon apps has also helped tip the balance in favour of standard Android rather than Amazon’s pissed-on version.

Since last night my order has been shown as “Despatching Now” which, of course, cannot be true (“Now” is a finite concept – it doesn’t last 12 hours!), so I’ve just sent the following email to Amazon:-


This item is shown as “In stock but may require up to 2 additional days to deliver”. There is never an explanation as to why a stock item should be subject to such a delay. Can you enlighten me?

In addition, for at least 12 hours this has been shown as “Dispatching Now”. Clearly that cannot be true. “Now” is a finite term – “Now” does not last for half a day.

I would like to know, please, just when it will be despatched.



I rather doubt that their reply will make me feel any more well-disposed towards them!


4 thoughts on “Amazon buggeration . . .

  1. This has happened to my friend and myself, and it’s bloody annoying. Amazon has control of a niche market in this country, and need competition to make them pull their socks up.

    As you’re a Prime customer, Ron, make sure you get compensation of at least one month free.

      • same thing happened to me before xmas, item i ordered was going to be delivered between 10th and 14th feb ! it was coming from USA , no mention on web page about this. when i gave bad review, supplier came on to me and offered a bribe 20% off, if i would change review, needless to say i didn’t.

  2. Ah, happened to me before Christmas – I’d ordered a 2 TB desktop hard drive as part of John’s present. I ordered it at the end of October. They said that the item would take 2 weeks to deliver! I waited and I waited until the end of November when I wrote to them with a blazing letter. I then had a reply saying that the item was now in stock and could I cancel the first order and re-order it again!!!!!!! I would have got it somewhere else but I didn’t want to as I didn’t trust places I had not been before.
    For my trouble I got a credit of £10…

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