Amazon try to evade their responsibility…

I got this torrent of largely incomprehensible drivel in response to my complaint  (see last post), that Amazon lied to me. They also failed to tell me that the item I;d ordered wasn’t available in the UK.


I’m sorry for the trouble and misunderstanding caused to you by the information provided in the previous correspondence.

Further to your email, I’ve checked the status of the order #026-1162104-3895511 and can confirm you that you’re right, this order was dispatched to your from Germany.

As you can check on the website, it shows that the item is in stock but may require up to 2 additional days to deliver. It is mentioned because the item is not available in our UK inventory but it is available in the Germany inventory.

Remote fulfillment ensures that an item can be supplied from stock in any of the FCs throughout the European network. Remote fulfilment is done via the European Fulfilment Network (EFN). DE, FR and UK will all support each other in this implementation. This will utilise stock and increase availability for all EU customers.

This means that, for example, if we run out of stock for a specific ASIN within UK, and that ASIN is available in FR, automatic website text will be displayed on the UK item detail page saying “In stock but may require up to 2 additional days to deliver”. The EDD will be updated on the customer order to reflect this increased time, and the item will be fulfilled from the French FC.

A number of product groups will be included in this project, although not all ASINs will be included.

When a selected item goes out of stock within the UK, the wording will update with the “In stock but may require up to 2 additional days to deliver”, until the item comes back into stock. This means that it can be supplied from some other part of the European Network and that is same with this item as it has been dissipated to you from Germany because it was not avaulaible in the UK inventory.

Please understand that we relied on multiple suppliers withing the the European network and try to send you the item as soon as possible from any of the fulfillment center on which the item is available.

Rest assured, the order has been dispatched to you and we’ll try our best to get the order delivered to you as soon as possible.

Thanks for your patience and understanding towards us, we’re looking forward to serve you.

Did I solve your problem?

This, then, is my reply:-

Are you deliberately trying to anger me further?

I KNOW you said it could take 2 additional days – I already made that point, can’t you read? But you often say that and you never give a reason. In this instance you should have told me – or better, said so on your website – that you had no stock in the UK.

Forget remote fulfilment, I don’t care about it – I contracted with, not The information you provided said it was despatched from  BUT IT WAS NOT it was despatched from You – Amazon – deliberately tried to mislead me. Why?

And do not use trade jargon with a customer you ill-mannered oaf, use plain English – what the hell is ASIN for example? That entire paragraph is unintelligible, as are the subsequent ones.

You cannot bury the fact that you should have informed me that you had no UK stock, giving me the chance to cancel if I was unhappy (yes, I know I could have cancelled, but I had no idea you had no UK stock or, rest assured, I would have!).

That you omitted to inform me is bad news. That you now try to weasel out of your responsibility in this torrent of bovine ordure is so far beyond unacceptable it’s not even in the same universe.

And no, you did not solve my problem.

Ron Graves.

4 thoughts on “Amazon try to evade their responsibility…

  1. Great reply Ron 🙂 I giggled my head off!
    As for their unintelligible reply – my God! What the heck were they trying to say? And what the heck did it all mean?
    Maybe the person who typed the reply is on Workfare, still, no excuse for such a load of tosh!

    • There’s another post coming up, but they’re now telling me I’ll have it this afternoon! Germany to Wirral in 4 hours – that’s a good trick.

      The only way they could do that is to divert someone else’s order – or they were lying about having no stock. But even so, it’s physically impossible to get it from Amazon to me in an afternoon.

      Still, I’ve been in a rotten mood all day, but at least it came in useful! 😉

  2. hm how long on the ferry to france from Liverpool Ron?and how far from france to germany? just a thought. probably i am wrong and it still takes more than 4 hours. i dont know. never been over there myself.

    • Takes all day by coach from Liverpool, so probably about the same by truck/van. Depends on how many stops they have to make en route.

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