More dodging the issue from Amazon…

Hello Ron,

Thank you for contacting

Please accept our sincere apologies for all the inconveniences caused.

I’ve checked the item – ‘Samsung Galaxy TAB 3 7.0 T210 WI-FI 8GB 8 GB 1024 MB Android 7 -inch LCD’ and can confirm it is labelled: Dispatched from and sold by Amazon.

Kindly know that we have multiple warehouses within UK as well as other locations within Europe to store our items to ensure we can offer the best selection of items for customers visiting our website to order and to avail our delivery methods/rates offered or for customers with only accounts in

Our Fulfillment Centres ( facility ) as seen on the email you received, does not refer to an order being dispatched only within the UK as they are not only located within the UK as we also have warehouse within Europe.

Once again, please accept our apologies for the inconvenience caused.

For your Order No: 026-1162104-3895511, I’ve checked and can see it was already dispatched for delivery via City Link today -Thursday, 20 February 2014 for delivery to the address:

Ronald Graves


ASIN is the reference numbers we give to items and can be located in the item page under Product information.

Your parcel has already been dispatched and with the carrier for delivery to your above address.

Should you prefer to cancel the order for a refund, please do not hesitate to contact us back for further assistance and we will contact City Link for the cancellation.

My reply:-

Look, I know it says Despatched and sold by Amazon – do you think you guys can stop stating the obvious and focus on the issues I raised?

As far as I am concerned you should have made me aware that you have no stock in the UK. Had you been honest with me about that I might not have cancelled, but you weren’t so I will be returning it. A mea culpa today might have changed my mind about that but, no, your colleague chose BS instead. All you needed to say was “Sorry, we should have told you we had no stock in the UK,” but that’s apparently beyond you.

You now tell me it will be delivered today – how is that possible when your own website still shows it as en route from Rheinberg, despatched today? Have you diverted someone else’s order? Because I can’t see how else it’s possible if you have none in the UK.

Let me ask you one last, simple, question, in the hope of getting a straight answer – what the hell is going on?

Does anybody know?

Ron Graves. (end)

In fact I might have misread the para that begins with the order number. It’s extremely ambiguous  and I read it as despatched for delivery today when I now think it simply means despatched today (it can be read either way), which I already knew, hence the confusion.

Past caring to be honest.

5 thoughts on “More dodging the issue from Amazon…

  1. Could you not get it delivered from somewhere in the UK – there have to be more stockists than Amazon? I know you spend a lot of money with Amazon, but this order has taken the piss, and as a Prime customer you should have been treated better. All you wanted was an apology and they can’t seem to get it into their thick skulls what an apology is!

    • Ah – you must have missed that – yep, got one coming tomorrow from Ebuyer. £6 cheaper too.

      But, Christ, these people are stupid! Or maybe they’re trained never to admit being in the wrong – wouldn’t surprise me.

  2. I think their training is exactly so. Whether it’s Amazon, BT, EDF, Atos or any organisation, honesty and integrity are dirty words these days. No wonder we’re all having strokes and heart attacks. Three years ago, maybe more, we were almost completely felled while dealing with Apple. Looking back, I’m surprised we survived at all.

    • I’d like to walk away from Amazon, but I have a Kindle (hell, I’ve got a bunch of them), plus they’re my best source of music mp3s for my tastes (iTunes not so much, HMV sucks), and they are, without doubt, the cheapest source of much of the things I routinely buy from them, or via them. It would cost me far too much to just walk away. And I’m sure they realise this, not just for me but for their entire customer base. Free delivery alone saves me a small fortune.

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