I am beset by inept morons, and severely pissed off!

Warning: Sweary! I’m goddamned furious!

On Wednesday I ordered a Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 from Amazon, who couldn’t be bothered telling me that they had no stock in the UK and it was coming from Germany. Which, when I found out, posed a couple of questions, like why didn’t they tell me and would it be UK-compatible? (Potential voltage problems for a start.) So I cancelled it, not least because the original Thursday delivery had been stretched to Monday.

I then ordered one from Ebuyer, for delivery today. One snag – my order hasn’t yet been processed, though they have bloody well taken my money!

As soon as I got up this morning I contacted Ebuyer at 08.38 – they don’t use email, they use “Enotes”. In my experience – other companies call them tickets – these get a response that is no better, and often worse, than basic email. I understand the logic – it takes the messages out of the general morass of emails and makes them easier to identify. Sadly, it doesn’t seem to make for a quicker response.

It took 7 hours to find out that Ebuyer had absolutely no bloody idea what was going on with my order, but their customer service drone promised to get back to me. I wasn’t going to hold my breath.

I found that Ebuyer had a Twitter account, so I put the question to them – what the hell did I have to do to get info out of Ebuyer?

Person there was much more on the ball and 8 hours after I first made contact with Ebuyer this morning, I was told their supplier had fucked up in some manner that wasn’t explained, and my order had not been despatched on Thursday but would be despatched tonight.

Now you might think, as any reasonable person might, that the supplier, having pissed me about – and off! – might be minded to make an effort, and deliver tomorrow. How hard can it be? And it would (might!), help me regain some lost good will, but no! Not a bit of it.

They seem content for my order to sit festering in some fucking depot all weekend, probably getting damp in the back of a van, while I get increasingly pissed off and frustrated!

If it wasn’t for the fact that I’d have to start the whole process again – and might wind up cursed with even more fuckwits; there seems to be no shortage of them – I’d have cancelled the bastard. The way I feel I still might!

And I wouldn’t mind but, like Amazon, Ebuyer had no stock and didn’t think they needed to tell me – they just took my money and farmed out the order to some incompetent gobshite who is clearly about as much use as tits on a bull,** and then forgot about it. It beggars belief.

**Not only did Ebuyer not bother to follow up my order, the clowns they gave it to didn’t bother to tell them that they’d fucked up. What the hell is wrong with these people?

And, Ebuyer – why did I get no response until I screamed at you, 7 hours later? Don’t you respond to polite enquiries? Just brush them aside and focus on the trouble-makers and the angry? Looks that way to me.

And now I’m still going to have to wait until Monday for the fucking thing! It’d better be worth it after all this.

Oh, and I can hear you there, at the back, whispering “Why does he need another tablet?”

Simple. I want to sit on the couch, in the evening, reading/watching TV, in comfort, while remaining online and connected to Twitter and my email.

I have a Kindle Fire HD and an iPad 3. The Fire runs Amazon’s own apps, which are deeply crap (at least those medical apps I particularly want are, where they even exist), while the Google Android apps are far better but won’t run, or even install, on the Fire (you might want to bear that in mind if you’re thinking of buying one). The iPad 3 apps are fine, same as the standard Android, but the iPad is simply too heavy for more than very limited use (remember, I’m disabled and, compared to “normal” people, quite weak), and the Fire isn’t exactly sylph-like either, while the Galaxy Tab 3 weighs in at around 300g/10oz.

True it’s smaller than the others, but bigger than my Galaxy S3 (which, itself, is OK when typing for short periods but tedious in the long term), and should be ideal for my needs. And, of course, it’ll become part of my hospital kit.

5 thoughts on “I am beset by inept morons, and severely pissed off!

  1. My order has been received this morning.

    Despite what I was told last night by Ebuyer, the labelling and the despatch note both indicate that delivery was always intended for today, not Monday. And despite claims that a third-party supplier screwed up, there is no indication that anyone other than Ebuyer has been involved at all.

  2. Oh dear! Well that’s amazon lost the order, and I don’t think I would trust Ebuyer after that.
    How is the new tablet? Is it really light? Hope it lives up to your expectations.
    Jay xx

    • Ebuyer I can walk away from, Amazon not so much – there’s my Kindle to keep fed, and I get my music there too (iTunes is too popular music-focussed for me, not enough country), plus I buy a hell of a lot of stuff from Amazon simply because they’re the cheapest. The free delivery alone saves me a fortune.

      Trouble is, I don’t know if the Ebuyer person was lying to me, just didn’t care, or doing the best they could and getting nowhere. Or someone was feeding them nonsense at their end. But, taking the company as a whole, and leaving individuals out of it, Ebuyer didn’t have a bloody clue what was going on!

      On the plus side, the Tab 3 is great. It does everything I wanted it for, it IS light (including their cases the Tab 3 is 381g and my Kindle Paperwhite 3G is 349g. In real money, less than 2 ounces difference. And while the Tab 3 has no phone functions, with a little app-related sleight of hand, it will send texts.

      I’m happy with it.

  3. Well that’s something I could keep in mind as I’m having trouble with using my Ipad 3 😦 Having said that, I’ve hardly used it since I got it at Christmas. My kindle is lighter, that’s without the cover. I’m having trouble holding stuff as my wrists are affecting my hands!
    Damn and blast getting older and conditions worsening! 🙂

    • The iPad3 (I’ve got one – too damn heavy!) is heavy because inside the case the electronics take up about an inch of space – the rest is taken up by a huge battery (pity I can’t post pics on here).

      You can see it here http://d3nevzfk7ii3be.cloudfront.net/igi/kGSksJ1WmOyvZLBe.huge The hand is holding the electronic bits, the grey slab which, though you can’t see it in this pic, takes up ALL the rest of the space, is the battery.

      I do like the Tab 3 though. Good battery life even when new so it should get better. Easy to use and does everything I want it to. So far I can’t fault it. Even the sound is good (stereo speakers), if you tinker with the equaliser.

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