An open email to Andy Burnham, Shadow Health Secretary…

I’ve just had an email from the labour Party, over Andy Burnham’s name, soliciting my support to defend the NHS against Cameron. I followed the online process to the bitter end, only to find that as I’m too ill to physically take part, and too skint to donate, I’m effectively dismissed as useless.

Feeling slightly peeved at this, I replied to the email. This is what I said;-


I clicked through to the end of this process and couldn’t help noticing that those of us who are too ill to physically participate, or too broke to donate (pensions/benefits don’t stretch far), are effectively dismissed, when other campaigns over the past few years have shown that we can contribute a lot from behind our computers.

But I have a question, to which, so far, no answer has been forthcoming – how much longer is Cameron, his front bench (the arguably insane IDS and the execrable McVey in particular), and pretty much the whole of his party whenever they speak, going to be allowed to lie to Parliament with absolute impunity? He’s not even taken to task by Labour with any great enthusiasm.

Another thing – if you pay any attention to social media, you can’t have missed the argument that the Left should vote for the Greens, or any other of the unelectable minor parties, rather than Labour (or, god help us, not vote at all), when to do so would virtually guarantee that the Tories would be back with a working majority, with the workhouses and internment camps (likely to be abandoned hospitals, now, rather than actual camps**) for the sick and disabled, the unemployed, and the simply poor, following close behind. Yet I see nothing at all from Labour to counter this.

**Consider this – Cameron wins the next election, and announces shortly thereafter that the chronically sick and disabled people will be housed in recycled hospitals where they will be fed, clothed and medicated (contracts going to the lowest bidder), and disability benefits abolished, because that’s all the country can afford.

How loudly do you think the country will scream? My guess, apart from those affected, is not at all. What’s Labour’s guess?

And what, for pity’s sake, is Ed doing?


Ron Graves.


6 thoughts on “An open email to Andy Burnham, Shadow Health Secretary…

  1. Well said Ron. It was due to people not voting in the last election that got us into the position we are now! I honestly believe that they will set up camps for the poor and disabled, anyone with a bit of nous can see it coming.
    To be honest, this Labour party have been a real let down as an opposition and it’s about time someone with balls, (male or female), took every Labour MP and knocked some sense into them!

    • Sorry, Jay. You almost got a reply, but I felt it needed to be another post instead. Coming shortly, if not already up by the time you read this.


    • Jay, the DWP is already trialling out “residential training provision”. You see, it’s a holistic and intense offer aimed at helping disabled people find work by teaching them to think new thoughts. Orwell and T4 all rolled into one.

  2. I got that same email and like you did what i could until i saw the word donate. to be honest that was the end of it for me. that word means no no to me. much as i would like to and appreciate these campaigns etc cost money. like you i cant. simples. i dont take it any further.

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