Want the Tories out next year? Only one way to do it…

I can understand people not wanting to vote Labour – while Ed’s in charge I don’t want to, but I will – but the sheer wrong-headed stupidity of those who think not voting, or spoiling their ballot paper, will, in some magical way, punish the Tories (or possibly Labour – I’m not entirely sure what the logic is, if there’s any logic at all), displays a terrifying lack of political acumen. Voting for parties who have no chance of winning the election is no different to not voting/spoiling the ballot paper.

A general election is not the time for a protest vote to teach Labour a lesson, though god knows they need one, but the time to vote the straight Labour ticket.

You might not like the Labour Party in its current incarnation as pale-blue Tories, mainly thanks to Ed** but, for better or worse, they’re what we’ve got, so put personal feelings aside and vote Labour – there is NO viable alternative. If the Tories have a virtue, then it has to be loyalty to the party – something we, on the Left, really do need to emulate this time round.

**And yes, I do know that the last Labour government was responsible for the benefit reforms that IDS has ramped up into an engine for extermination by suicide, and for which you simply cannot hold current Labour responsible.

The Conservative party might well think Cameron is a greasy, band-wagon-jumping, arsewipe, and they’d be right, but when it comes to the crunch, it’s party first, personalities second. While the Left, activists aside, often think “What the hell, they can get by without my vote, and it’s raining!” but if enough people feel that way – and they all too often do – it could amount to enough votes to lose the election, as it has in the past.

Never forget Harold Wilson who, in 1970, went into a general election as a dead cert to win – everybody said so, bookies, newspapers, the man on the Clapham omnibus, every bugger with an opinion said it was a walkover – so Labour voters stayed home in droves and Labour got hammered by the Tories under Ted Heath.


The Left are lazy voters, have been throughout my adult life, and that needs –  hell, has – to change in 2015, but the Parliamentary Labour Party are doing absolutely nothing to encourage their supporters to convert their voting apathy  into votes. They must be encouraged to bite the Ed-shaped bullet, vote Labour, or get Cameron back (or Boris or – or even IDS, the frothing, giggling, fruitcake has a lot of support).

Labour has a little more than a year to convert Twitter Favorites and Facebook Likes into real votes – and I fear they’ve left it far too late.


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  1. well said Ron. can i also add to this…….. dont leave it till last thing on voting day to vote if you care at all. remember the polling stations that were closed early last time around? cant remember what constituency/constituencies that occurred in. but occur it did and possibly, depending on where they were, resulted in the coalition. …we dont want that this time around. also wondering about postal votes…. do they REALLY get counted in>? is there room between us sending them and them receiving them for them to go astray? who knows. im a postal voter through disability. but often wonder how safe postal voting actually is.

    • As far as I know postal votes are in the care of the Electoral Registrar, whose duty it is to keep them secure.

      What you’re thinking of is the situation where the polling stations shut down at closing time while there were still people queuing outside, and didn’t get to vote. Shortly afterwards, if memory serves, the law was changed so that anyone actually in the queue at closing time gets to vote, but no more are allowed to join the queue.

      Polling stations aim to close before the pubs, to avoid problems with drunks. The new system could see them still open at pub closing time, which could be problematic.

  2. Those voters who stayed at home in the last election really did help to let this coalition in, and while they have brought such suffering to us, they have dragged us, who did vote, along with them. I have not actually met another person who voted Conservative at the last election. A friend of the family did and even though he has been a life long conservative he says he will never vote for them again. He’s 80, so you can see just how long he’s been voting. Another friend of a friend voted for them and deeply regrets it now as she actually believed them when they said about looking after the most vulnerable – she’s 52 and became disabled in January 2010. She did not realise that the most vulnerable are the rich and their pals.
    If the tories get back in again then we truly are doomed! There will be ethnic cleansing of the elderly, the disabled and long term sick, as well as any others that the rich see as oxygen thieves. There will be camps set up, their will be old and closed “hospitals” full of disabled and sick people (just as Ron says). There will be more slaves than paid workers, and the rich will sit there picking off those who they deem to have served their purpose.
    People may say that what I’m saying is a load of claptrap – well believe me, it’s not. Just look what has happened in the last 4 years and see how far they have pushed the people down.
    For anyone voting in the election next year, USE your vote – don’t waste it on Ukip, the Green party, or any other parties. There will only be two parties to actually vote for in 2015 – Labour or Conservative – if you value your fellow man and woman, and value life itself, then you have to vote labour.
    Use your vote in May to show the government just how low they are in the opinions of people. Also, the Lib/Dems are not even worthy of a cross anymore – they have ruined that party and I can’t actually see them being anything in politics for a few decades at least!
    Do as Ron says, put the party before your own feelings for certain politicians in it.

  3. Ron,
    Is your advice to vote Labour, or “anything but Tory”? What I mean by this is what do you do in a seat where Labour is a very poor third? Do you vote Labour or for the party that is most likely to get rid of the Tory MP?

    I face this dilemma in the next election and still feel helpless. The seat is usually hotly contested between Tories and Lib-Dems (both getting 15-16000 votes), with Labour only getting around 7000. Who am I to vote for? (the problem of course is that in my case if I restrict myself to the top two, the choice is really between frying pan and fire!)

    I think though that if there were similar numbers in an area where the top two were, say, Tories and Greens, I would probably vote Green, simply to be sure to outvote the Tories.

    • Absolutely to vote Labour. A Labour victory next year is the only option to a Tory victory (it’s remotely possible UKIP might win, but I doubt it – what would be truly terrifying is a Tory-UKIP coalition!).

      In a safe Tory or Lib Dem seat, though, voting Labour is probably pointless so, what the hell, vote Green if they appeal more. But, of course, there might be many potential Labour voters who also see it as pointless, so don’t vote – who can tell what would happen if they all voted? Safe seats might suddenly become vulnerable – some would almost certainly become marginals.

      I was really trying to encourage the notoriously apathetic Left to turn out and vote Labour, so wasn’t thinking about safe Tory seats (I suspect safe LibDem seats are history). With your numbers, like me, you’re stuck with the incumbent. My MP is Frank Field, the human limpet – how, and why, he keeps getting re-elected is a mystery even to Labour voters. I’d like to see – but not next year! – a little tactical voting to give us, say, a Green MP. A single MP, or a single party, can be in power for too long, and Birkenhead is overdue for a change.

  4. Totally with you as regards the obligation to get out and vote, but to say people must vote Labour is a counsel of despair as regards change. If nobody ever votes Green, or whatever, then Green policies will never get anywhere. Much depends on the nature of the constituency and who is the best contender to oust a Tory

    • The priority is to get the Tories out of power, and that’s not the certainty some fuckwits think it is. They have a hell of a lot of support.

      There’s a time to vote Green – who haven’t a hope in hell of winning, so next year is NOT the time to piss about. Like or loathe the current Labour party – and I loathe them – no-one else is capable of ousting the Tories. Except – just possibly, UKIP, and we’d just be trading one bunch of corrupt psychos for another bunch of psychos yet to be corrupted. Not much of a bargain.

      Vote Labour next year and hope that the Greens use the next 5 years to make themselves electable as a party, not just a few random MPs scattered across the country which is what we don’t need next year.

      And yes, it is a policy of desperation, because it’s a desperate situation. The Tories are killing people, and making them homeless, and driving them into poverty – or have you missed all that? So, yes, despise Labour by all means – just vote for the bastards. There is no other way of getting the Tories out – it really is that simple. If you can’t understand that then I’ve nothing more to say to you. Except this – if enough vote Green, you’ll get a Tory government, and Tories with a majority at that. If you think they’re bad now, you’ve seen nothing yet.

  5. I think the rot set in for good with Labour when Blair became leader. They waved goodbye to any pretence in representing common people on that date. Milliband is Blair without the epic ego.

    I live in a very safe Tory seat. So safe the MP (disgraced ex minister – expenses) that he never bothers to campaign or meet his constituents. Labour? You never see them out here either. They only party to make any effort, and that’s a particularly small effort, is UKIP, who leafleted here last week.

    I usually vote for an independent candidate if there is one and they don’t appear to be right wingers. Years ago we had a Green candidate and I used to vote for him.

    I don’t believe that Labour being in power will bring any benefit to the vulnerable at all. We might see some more fiddling with the WCA and the Work Programme, but the deleterious changes to Social Security are too far entrenched now to be shifted, especially by a party who hasn’t seen fit to robustly challenge the Tories about their abuse and pursuit of the most vulnerable, even once. To me, since Blair, Labour are just rabid Tories with as much blood on their hands as Cameron and crew.

    • A pity others can’t see that, at times, there isn’t a best choice, just the least worst. The 2015 GE will be such a time. I predicted well over a year ago that the Tories would try to buy the election with Income Tax cuts – and Lo! It’s come to pass. And people will fall for it – they always do, forgetting that any country runs on taxation (apart from the OPEC states), and cuts in one area will have to be made good by increases in another (or even more savage cuts in benefits). If they cut Income Tax and win the election, you can be sure that, very quickly, petrol and diesel duty will be back on the agenda. At the very least.

      And IDS will make Hitler look like a Sunday school teacher.

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