Leg has been made worse by change of treatment…

When the Tissue Viability guy was here a couple of weeks ago, he recommended a way to go and, next nurse visit, as I’ve mentioned here, a pushy nurse tried to over-rule him and go with something different. I slapped her down (only metaphorically, don’t panic), and we carried on as suggested.

Last Friday I was persuaded to try that alternative as I was told that to carry on as we were would be detrimental to my leg. Against my better judgement, I agreed on a suck it and see basis. Big mistake.

At today’s dressing change I sat with my foot/leg in a bucket of warm water for over half an hour, trying to remove the Aquacel dressing that had welded itself to the open wound, but it wouldn’t budge – the only way I could remove it was to rip it off with tweezers, to the accompaniment of lots of swearing, because that’s as much fun as it sounds – fucking excruciating, in fact. And I now have a hole in my leg where, previously, it was healing, the granulation that was forming having been ripped off along with the dressing.

So once it was off I had stern words with the staff nurse whose idea this had been last week – not the words I wanted to have, which would have been much shorter; I was apocalyptically pissed off and in agony! – and explained exactly how my treatment would go today and for the foreseeable future.

Which is as the TV guy said, with a couple of modifications. One mine – the Aquacel Ag dressing would continue to be applied wet, to avoid any more damage to the wound bed, and the other the nurse’s – cutting down the Aquacel pad to fit the wound. I don’t have a problem with that, but last week she cut it into three tiny pieces, one reason why I couldn’t get the buggerdly things off. That is never going to happen again.

I wasn’t going to post today’s photo, as it doesn’t mean much unless you know exactly what you’re seeing – which is the damage caused by lack of thought (on the right), and what looks like a burgeoning infection (centre)! Then I thought what the hell! So here it is.

Lesion close-up March 3 2014 As always, click pics to view full size, Back button to return.

Now then, I get the feeling that some of you think I’m being a bit hard on my nurses, a bit too demanding. So I would like to remind you about this:-

My leg, August 2013, APH

That was my leg in November, last year, before I decided it was time I took charge. And bear this in mind, too – that wasn’t at its worst, and the pain was intolerable.

I cannot go back to that state, and that level of pain – I’ll kill myself first – and if being stroppy and demanding is what it takes to avoid that, then that’s what’s going to happen.

But let’s end with some good news – as of this morning I am now able to wear socks again. And, if only for a short spell as yet, as the skin on my legs and feet is very delicate still, I can wear trainers for the first time in 3 years. I’d like to be able to wear my boots but, hell, it’s a start. Baby steps…



9 thoughts on “Leg has been made worse by change of treatment…

  1. F*****g typical but I love the good news. Just been changing my foot dressing. We know best because we have the experience of years to see the effects of different treatments. Why we have to fight so hard for what we know is right is beyond me. Most of my bad experiences come from doctors, not nurses. Interestingly!

    • And I’ve figured out why. WP has a keyword filter (actually a spam filter, but it works)! Anyway, most profanity is in there, along with a selection of terms of abuse and the names and email addresses of the worst offenders. You wouldn’t believe the abuse I’d get were it not for that.

      If anyone wants to abuse me, let them come and do it face to face, and take the consequences, not hide behind their keyboard.

  2. In the name of the wee man! Right, that’s it, if I ever visit Liverpool again, I’m coming to you and then beating the hell out of your doctor and then the nurse!!!!
    No more messing with the treatment, no more listening to nurses, no more anything other than you want, the way you want it!
    How many more times are the going to fook you about? Are they trying to kill you or make you go that crazy with pain that you’ll end up in a locked ward?
    Dear God’s and little fishes.
    And breathe – I need to get my blood pressure down… 😀

  3. i have said many times. the patient knows their own body best. especially those who have had years of conditions being messed with or neglected etc. add in a knowledge of nursing, medicines, hygiene etc which long term patients acquire even if not got certificates to prove it,and we probably know as much about our own conditions than the nurses and docs n our local surgery put together. neither are we daft enough NOT to ask advice, or for info etc on anything new or which we DO NOT know much if anything about or do not understand.why cant these stupid nurses (and docs in some cases) gt this simple thing into their heads. WE KNOW BETTER on a lot of things.

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