Leg report – and it sucks!

As I reported here, two weeks ago, the staff nurse attending on that day  sprayed saliva into the open lesions on my leg (by talking while she was way too close to it). Last week they were looking decidedly iffy (they looked pus-filled, I have the photos, below, luckily), and the other staff nurse said that they were clearly getting worse. Today, when I removed the dressing, I was hit by the typical stink of an infection, and a swab has been sent off to the microbiology lab at the hospital.

The pain, needless to say, is on the rise. Not as bad as last year, yet, but it still took 30ml of Oramorph to knock it down a few days ago, which bodes ill for the future.

And I simply cannot go through a repeat of last year. No-one should have to endure such pain once, never mind twice. I can’t.

I won’t.

With hindsight, I should have put my complaint in writing, but hell, it was an accident. I just know that, based on the experience of my last complaint when I DID put it in writing, back at the district nurse HQ they’ll be circling the wagons and going into full denial mode, quite prepared to lie their arses off to protect one of their own. Not, of course, that getting her arse kicked, or fired, will help me at all…

Last week’s pic, March 6:-

March 6 2014

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As you can see, the lesions, above, are partially filled with pus. The white gubbins surrounding them is a compound to protect the skin.

Today’s pics:-

Foul dressing, March 10 2014 March 10 2014

That evil-looking dressing stank when it was opened up, my first clue that it was infected. As you can see, it’s a mirror image of the actual lesions.

And today, surprisingly, they are somewhat smaller (not a judgement call, they’ve been measured, though to me, at least, compared to last week’s, they’re visibly smaller), but they do look deeper. That, though, might be because they’ve been scrubbed with the antibacterial compound (about as fun as it sounds), so some of the pus has been removed. Or, and you can see where the dressing has been pushed into them, it’s due to the the additional pressure now I can wear socks. Or maybe they really are deeper, and I’m screwed – buggered if I know.

Next task – find some support socks. I don’t have a photo but below the knee both legs have a lot of so far unfilled blisters. Lymphoedema causes these and, periodically, they fill with fluid, swell, and burst – that’s what kicked off the events of last year and I want to prevent it happening again if I can because that, too, is something I cannot tolerate again.

5 thoughts on “Leg report – and it sucks!

  1. For what it’s worth, my sympathy, if not empathy, since the photos look all too familiar. Nice to see ‘gubbins’. I use it a great deal but people don’t seem to know the word any more.

    • I suspect familiarity with gubbins depends mainly on where one lives. It seems to be still alive and well the further north one gets in England, and not, I believe, entirely unknown in the US, where the language still preserves much of English that we’ve let slip away.

      “Gotten” is a good example of that, and went off to the New World with the Pilgrims and other groups from England, where it remains in common use, though we’ve lost it and now, wrongly, consider it to be an Americanism.

  2. Oh man, I would be half inching a load of surgical masks whenever in a clinical unit and INSISTING that anyone who wants to get near to my legs better be prepared to wear it…just horrendous what a few droplets of aerated bacteria laden saliva can do to you.

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