NHS data-sharing ‘a no-brainer’…

NHS data-sharing ‘a no-brainer’, says health chief, in the Guardian, quoting Professor Sir John Savill, head of the Medical Research Council.

The same could be said of Savill, who is either terrifyingly disingenuous or, like his paymasters, couldn’t give a shit about patients’ rights to privacy. Given that he’s quoted as saying “only “consent fetishists” could object to the plans.” I’m going with the latter. “Smug arsewipe” seems appropriate, too.

Assuming he didn’t get his knighthood for services to being as thick as pig shit, I can only assume Savill is tarred with the same self-serving brush as the government he’s backing.

I do not believe that a person in Savill’s position can really be so stupid as to utterly misunderstand the concerns of GPs and patients. I’m absolutely certain he does understand, perfectly – but simply doesn’t care.

So, you ennobled pillock, stop proving that it’s not just cream that rises to the top, sit up straight and pay attention.

I am a patient and I have opted out of Care.data, insofar as that’s actually possible, anyway (but Care.data should be opt-in for both GPs and patients). My medical records, were they not reduced to an electron stream, would fill a couple of tea-chests by now (well, they would if my local hospital hadn’t lost 40-odd years worth!), and I have absolutely no objection to them being shared** – but only with people who have a need to know, and only for my personal benefit. That means shared among consultants, clinicians, nursing staff – anybody with whom I might come into contact for purely medical reasons. I have no problem with that.

What I, and very many patients and GPs have very serious problems with is that this most corrupt of governments is not content with that – they want to sell our highly personal data to any bugger who will stuff their coffers with cash.

**I have a copy of my records from a 4-day stay in APH in 2011, after which I got myself discharged while I still had my sanity – conditions were horrendous, and they tried to kill me through sheer stupidity – they run to 100 pages and contain absolutely nothing of value to me, to anyone dealing with me in the future, or to anyone who might buy them for nefarious purposes of their own. During that period I was diagnosed with serious heart failure. Just one tiny snag – nobody bothered to record the fact.

And that’s what Savill chooses to ignore.


We – patients and GPs – are not concerned about the sharing of our data with those who have a legitimate need for it. What we deeply resent is being turned into a herd of cash cows for the benefit of Big Pharma – in which many MPs and peers have vested interests – and for the benefit of insurance companies (ditto, because if there’s a pie, you can be sure MPs and peers will have their grubby fingers in it), and anyone else who arrives waving money.

And, of course, many such organisations are Tory party “donors,” trading money for influence and, currently, large chunks of the NHS.

However, even though Care.data is supposed to be on hold, a huge amount of patient data has already  been sold off – we simply cannot trust anything this blatantly corrupt government says, at any level.