Family doctor service on brink of extinction…?

According to Dr. Maureen Baker, chair of the Royal College of GPs, in the Observer, blaming increasing demands for care for the crisis.

Patients are demanding care? From doctors? So that’s killing the system?

WTF is that about?

GPs have one primary function – to PROVIDE care. I appreciate that some think their primary duty is to their budget, or possibly their golf club in some cases, but it’s not – it’s to their patients.

I have 11 separate and serious conditions, half of which could kill me in weeks. and at least two of which could do so while I’m typing this. So how much system-killing care do you think I get from my GP?

I’ll wager you think it’s quite a lot. I’ll tell – you after signing my scripts for my drugs, it’s zero.

I’m housebound, and if I ask for a home visit – even if my nurses ask for one as a matter of urgency which they might well do tomorrow – what I’ll get is a phone call if I’m lucky. And not necessarily from my GP, but from one of the more junior doctors, who have never seen me in their lives. Or even one of the reception staff.

That’s my reality of patient “care”.

Dr. Baker needs to climb down from her ivory tower occasionally. She is way out of touch with life out here in the real world, where seriously ill people – I am by no means unique – fail to extract even the most meagre level of care from a system that sees us as no more than a bloody nuisance.