Suckered by the Guardian…

I wrote this before realising what the date was so, sod it, I’m not letting a perfectly good post go to waste!


Scotland to switch to driving on the right if independence given green light according to the Guardian. If true, it’s the most moronic, bloody-mindedly pointless idea to come out of the independence campaign so far.

Personally, it’s a campaign I support, though I can’t see this government permitting it no matter what the referendum decides, and a suggestion like this will just give Westminster more ammunition.

It is terminally

stupid to expect an island full of people in right-hand-drive cars to suddenly cope with finding, at the Scottish border (or English if heading south), that they can’t see to overtake, that their lights are wrongly set up, and their mirrors too.

It’s one thing preparing to take a car to the continental mainland – things like lights – aligned to the opposite side, for example – can be set up in advance. But hey, Salmond, ya numpty, it can’t be done on the move. And such changes would be required of drivers heading into or out of Scotland – it will never work.

Think about it for a moment. A Scot working over the border in England, or vice-versa, would have to reconfigure his or her car twice a day just to keep it legal. It’s pure lunacy.

And it could be a generation or two before right-hand-drive cars are phased out through natural wastage, which is the only way it can happen unless the Scottish government wants to provide free left-hand-drive cars, because most people can’t afford to replace their cars based on a dumb-arse whim like this.

Nor, indeed, would the car industry be geared up to meet such a demand, so the problems associated with this change, most notably the dangers of effectively blind overtaking – and anyone who’s driven on the continent in a British car will know how bad this can be unless you have an extremely trustworthy front-seat passenger who can see what you can’t – will not go away for many years. And there will be deaths as a result, on both sides of the border.

This would not make Scots appear “part of Europe” which, if that claim is true, too, simply beggars belief, but it will make them appear to be 24-carat fuckwits.