Smog, what smog?

No smog respite: record pollution levels likely to stay until the end of the week wails the Guardian, as London remains murky. And murky is the operative word – nobody is groping their way around by touch. And I can’t help comparing the current newspaper photos of a misty London with those of Beijing in the run-up to the Olympics – air so opaque it was almost solid!

For those of us who were around during the genuinely killer smogs of the 1950s (which led to the Clean Air Act, and I almost died), when buses could only move guided by the conductor walking on the pavement with one hand on the front mudguard (which would never happen today), as visibility was almost zero, the air was black with particulates, and the councils placed smudge pots at major road junctions to punch holes in the smog, all I can think of to say is get some perspective! (NB: If you Google smudge pot, what you’ll see are US models, not the much more primitive ones in use in the UK in the 50s, though the principle is the same).

FFS, you can actually see across London! And Saharan dust is nothing new, it turns up every few years. Normally it would be carried out across the Atlantic but, just occasionally, the wind shifts and it comes our way. And no, I’m not blasé – I still have respiratory and heart conditions that could kill me.

And it’s the same with snow – 60 years ago we just got on with it. Now, a few centimetres and the country grinds to a halt, schools close, and the workforce stays in bed.

We have become, as I’ve observed before, in these pages, a nation of pussies.

We simply cannot deal with a little weather-related adversity, so it’s no real surprise that we have the most corrupt government of murderous psychopaths in centuries, possibly in history, and yet we sit back and do nothing about it.

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5 thoughts on “Smog, what smog?

  1. hm.. although i agree with you both in general it is affecting peoples breathing. badly in some cases. cant speak for down south or midlands but ive woken up this last 2 mornings with chest pains and breathing problems (no not heart attack pains). peak flow down to 200 and i cannot get it higher. have used the stronger of the 2 antihistamines today that im prescribed (not to use together i might add.. 1 is for everyday use cos of my dog, the other is an alternative stronger one for if i am going among trees or on high pollen days.) and although the wheezing is nothing like as bad i still have a slight discomfort in my chest and back.(not at all sure the pain/aches are related i will admit. could just be that i have been sleeping funny.) Yesterday it got better as the day went on,. i have asthma and COPD. we arent even supposed to be getting any of it here in west Yorkshire. but we must be. we had fog (not pea-soupers, we could half see the houses at the end of the cul de sac) yesterday morning and this morning. which cleared somewhat during both days leaving it overcast. then again last night. will wait now to see what its like tonight. looks very slightly misty in the distance between the houses at the front of here.but its supposed to all clear anyway tomorrow or by tomorrow.
    my sister and one of my cousins daughters are both complaining of similar to me. the latters mother was a bad asthmatic and died while having an attack aged 39 and her daughter is now quite bad with asthma too.neither ever smoked. she says she feels like a 90 year old today. shes 43.

  2. Fracking hell Ron…saved you for Sunday a.m, and still laughing I have too lived through all the smogs various….always lived in London and now am able to “stay indoors” and watch the media and government whip up a frenzy of pity with sand, snow and water, keeps people as victims easier to manipulate.
    P.s I have asthma, self managed and overlooked at RLHIM hospital

    • A few years ago we had a Sahara sand drop here (Wirral), and probably across the North as a whole – cars all covered in abrasive red grit. It happens periodically, but when it’s not London no bugger cares!

      Not too late to get your asthma properly diagnosed – it’ll give you access to better meds. Alternatively, this is where I get my drugs

      • The sahara gold drops in London most every year..I live in Greenwich near river…air like (dirty) wine 😉
        This year with the Tories determined to scare the population into submission with immigrants etc, the media whipping up another frenzy with floods and sand…and then along came “Noah” a blockbuster movie, timed beautifully to add to the end of world scenario.
        Thing is about my asthma, i find RLHIM suits me fine, no meds no drugs simple rinsing routine every day and no stress.
        To be honest I am scared of drugs/ meds..

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