Stalked by a psychopath…

This is a message for my Twitter followers in the main, and also for anyone else who might be interested, as I’m sure this has cost me more than a few followers and possibly adversely affects my blog, too.

I’ve been stalked, for some years, by a rabid psychopath whose name, I believe, is Fred Peacham (his Twitter name is “@FPeacham”) – whether or not this is his real name I can’t say, who is obsessed with me, and, I’m told, is posting a torrent of insane lies about me on Twitter.

Superficially, he appears quite sane, but a browse through his Twitterfeed will, I’m told, reveal the true depths of his insanity.

He’s blocked and muted on my Twitter feed (and I don’t read his deranged crap – no point in allowing him to make me angry, to the detriment of my health), so he now latches on to my followers instead, poisoning their minds in some cases. I’m sure he’s lost me more than a few but if they can’t see this fruitcake for the unhinged troll that he is, then maybe it’s no great loss.

Beware of this malign lunatic, you could be his next victim.

I’m considering locking my Twitter account. I don’t want to do that, but it would put another barrier between me and this frothing maniac, so it has its attractions, but so does the idea of being accessible to anyone who wants to contact me or follow me (actually, you can still do the latter, but it shuts down all casual contact with non-followers/followees.

And please, spare me any grief about me being hard on someone who is mentally ill – mental illness does not preclude the fact that, at heart, he is an evil, cowardly, fuckwit, who hides behind his keyboard and is too gutless to confront me personally.

12 thoughts on “Stalked by a psychopath…

    • hi ron sounds to me like an arse wipe i never use twitter never really got the hang of it the same with facebook it must be my age hahaha.

      • If it’s your age, I’m screwed!

        I can’t stand Facebook – utterly crap – but Twitter, well, basically,you get out of it what you’re prepared to put in – it does take work initially, to establish your presence, and your credibility – but, for the chronically sick and disabled community, it’s invaluable.

        • hi ron i did make some comments about atos and also on derick draper twitter about real socialist policies but not shaw if they took any notice.

          • That’s the thing about Twitter – there’s no way to know if your tweets are read unless they’re retweeted or favourited. I get several thousand tweets a day through my timeline – most don’t get read, it’s just impossible.

            You have to stick with it, build up a following, get known, above all, gain respect (so choose your subjects carefully – if you try to bluff you’ll be sussed so always know what you’re talking about).

            Then having read that you go on Twitter and see some dork tweeting complete bollocks and getting loads of retweets! What can I tell you – life is cruel and so is Twitter! But a retweet can mean Look at this daft sod! It’s not necessarily agreement.

            It took me the better part of a year to really break through. Some people, for reasons that elude me, never really make it, and they should if there was any justice.

            The quick way to Twitter success – be young, female, and gorgeous! Then it doesn’t matter what drivel you tweet!

  1. 353 tweets and 350 of them direct at you. What a sad bastard he is.
    Reported and blocked.
    Sadly though ppl like that will just keep creating new accounts and starting again.
    Noticed most ppl seem to be ignoring him when he includes them in his replies.

    • Well I hope he’s having fun, as none of his tweets can get to me. So what, I wonder, does he think he’s achieving? Assuming he thinks at all.

      Every tweet will give him a “You can’t do that you’re blocked” message – so why persist? Definitely an obsession, and quite possibly a dangerous one, too. A good argument for not using geolocation.

      And mental illness is no excuse. Possibly my biggest single group of followers is MH-related. How many of them do I have problems with? Just this dingbat!

  2. Been there, done that, bought the T-Shirt…rather more often than the norm. Simple explanation, I start to panic when any aspect of my space is invaded, bullies have built in homing devices for that kind of thing…it is just MORE FUN for them to stalk me than anyone else (which sounds like a sales pitch, but it isn’t).

    Best thing I ever heard was from a Doctor who had been stalked, then wrote about it:

    “When you realise you are being stalked you instinct is to REFUSE to let the stalker change anything or even have noticeable impact. FORGET IT, once you are being stalked nothing can ever be the same again and the sooner you come to terms with that the better.”

    I hope this creep is of the “ignore them and they go away” persuasion. That DOES work, the tough part is convincing them you are really ignoring them.

  3. Please don’t leave this here without the courtesy to even look at it. It doesn’t bother me having to read his tweets I just thought that as you had written a post about him you would have wanted to know.

    • This is what I get when I click on your comment:-

      400 Bad Request

      Do not make assumptions about my level of courtesy.

  4. you could report to police if it gets out of hand i know we should not have to do this its about time these online sites need to have mods to sort any shit out.

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