The Addison’s Chronicles – Part 4

I’ve just had my bulk Hydro delivered – 6 month’s supply, more or less (500 10mg tabs). I was expecting a bulk pack, but apparently the stuff is available only in 30-tablet packs. 16 of them, plus a box of 20. Total cost I’d estimate at about £800 – my BNF is 3 years old, so maybe more than that by now.

But here’s a thing – based on the info in my 2011 BNF, on the NHS 30 10mg tabs are £44.25**. I ordered 100 20mg tabs, online, for £35, including shipping to the UK from the South Pacific. Perhaps the NHS should employ me? Or just give me money and I’ll source my own drugs! I’d probably save them a fortune.

**And think on this – 20mg tabs are £47.17, the £2.92 difference probably close to the true price of the 10mg tabs, minus packaging. The NHS is being royally screwed.

And seeing the heap of little boxes triggered a memory. When I was discharged from APH in April last year I was sent home with a load of Hydro. Of course, I had no idea why at the time but now, clearly, they gave me enough back-up until my GP could issue them in bulk. Which he failed to do until now! Almost exactly a year late (I was discharged on April 22).


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  1. it beggers belief as to the cost of these drugs. and most other drugs too. how does big pharma get away with charging these prices over here? utterly ridiculous.

    • In Canada, the government takes Big Pharma firmly by the throat and says, “You want to sell your drugs in our country? Fine, you can – this is how much we’ll pay you.”

      OK, it’s a bit more complicated than that, but that’s the basic principle – the government decides what its willing to pay. And like any business, Big Pharma knows full well that a small profit is better than no sales at all.

      But if I – and OK, I was a professional buyer, but that counts for little in the retail market, the only edge it gives me is a willingness to keep digging until I get the best deal – can buy drugs cheaper than the NHS can, then there is something very, very, wrong.

  2. i agree. but then there’s a heck of a lot wrong with whats happening today in a whole lot of ways. take the banks for instance (I wish). all during the first couple of years of the recession it was very difficult to get a loan from any of the big banks, but the co-operative bank kept going and kept lending, they said,*when i asked how could they still lend,”because it was not govt led but ppl didn’t come under the same rules and regs” but now, its the other way around. the big banks are lending again while the coop isnt. when i asked why i couldnt get a loan, they said,, well we arent sure you will be able to afford the 2 years more and 2 quid extra per month yu will have to pay .on top of what yur already paying, are you sure you arent going to lose your pension.??…. erm. havent heard that our pensions are about to be taken off us,have you? so yes im pretty sure i wont lose my pension unless i die . and 2 quid is neither here nor there. but nope. cant get one. mind you. on an £8000 loan/ repayments with coop are £130 per month/. while at TSB its £180 per month? does that tell us why the coop is in dire straights now? cos it is. i know coop is a massive organisation but i still think of it as small bank at side of the rest
    so the area of prescription drugs is no different. everyone out to make a profit only some more than others.

    • There’s a lot of muttering about pensions but I’ve heard nothing firm. Among the weird online beliefs is that as soon as we reach retirement age we become Tories – stupider than most and unfounded!

      And attacking pensions would be a sure vote-loser. On the other hand, there’s not a lot left except pensions and pensioners’ DLA that hasn’t been slashed already, so I reckon both are on the cards. The pat two years I’ve been spending all I can afford so I’m pretty much future-proof if I do lose money.

  3. wish i could say the same but then again you cant keep on keeping your own head above water plus that of your grown up kids one of who would definitely be without a home but for my intervention on more than one occasion. and i couldnt see them on the streets, nor would they or i want them living here again. been there done that. not feasible in a one bedroom property with no access to kitchen through the night as you have to go through lounge to get to it. no good if someones sleeping in there. plus you have to wait for them to get up before you can have breakfast yourself.
    for me to go to see either one of them now (both living 4/5 miles respectively from me) it costs £14 return by taxi. to go to nearest big town on my own would be £10 return but i don’t do lone journeys these days. i need someone with me, which adds a further sum on top to get them to me or if we go to the next biggest in the other direction 20-22 quid return (if i went on my own would still be 14-16quid return.they cant afford taxi fares…but buses are a no no for me. i was being taken out by my nephew, but i was paying fuel costs.i enjoyed the trips and they did me good. but 20-50 quid a time depending on where we went, although fine to begin with, (aftr all isnt that what the mobility component of DLA is for? to help you get out and about?.) but with food, fuel costs and every other bill going up , now i cant do that. my world is getting smaller and if it goes on much longer ill be the one tipping over the shopping orders are getting less too. and its cheaper to do it online than in person. even going the mile to my local tiny town now costs me £7 return… i can get a whole months shopping delivered for a quid now. (if i could still afford to do a months shop in one go. used to cost me about 100quid for a months general groceries, fruit etc. plus 70-80 for a months wiltshire farm foods .. now its same price for 2 weeks including dinners but no farm food ones. cant afford those . i buy supermarket ones at 1-1.50 each for when im down and either cant be bothered or simply havent the energy to cook, but only about 4 a week/ im right off my food again.and down most of the winter this year. anyway. enough bout all this. its miserable.

    • (aftr all isnt that what the mobility component of DLA is for? to help you get out and about?.)

      In theory, but if I were to go out as much as I’d like, taxi fares would exceed my entire DLA, care component and mobility, by quite a margin.

  4. which is why i havent been out since a week last monday. plus ive rather shot myself in the foot by telling my nephew what he can do with the trips out that i financed, even though ws his car and he drove. but no point going out and relaxing, which i could do with him as i arent too bothered about where we go as long as its coast/country and not built up towns unless historical. but not much point if that relaxed feeling is shattered when i get back because he doesnt do the same for his mother and i get from her “why cant he take me as well£” (half the reason i need to get away is because of the 2-3 phone calls a day i get from her going on bout her problems.i can cope with them if i can get periodic trips away like that.) or someone going on bout how he treats me better than he does his mother. i do nothing to encourage that. and can do nothing to stop im back to square one. whats the point of spending on petrol like that if its no benefit in the end.
    so after he said something not nice about me and i got to hear of it i told him to stick his trips out. so now i have to think of how i can get out and about without him. it was costing me 20-40 quid every 2/3 weeks for those trips. but as stated before , before i can start any journey elsewhere i have to get first to one of the nearest towns, at a cost of 20quid return. then try and go somewhere without it giving me so much pain that i’m useless when i get there.
    and the story goes are plans afoot but depends on how bad public transport is as to how far i can go with my grandaughters help)

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