The corruption of the BBC…

Nobody with even the minimum number of functioning brain cells could have missed the fact that, over the past 4 years, the BBC has become the Coalition Broadcasting Corporation.

Now I’ve always believed that the BBC’s Royal Charter required that it be politically neutral, as befits an organisation funded by the people it serves. That, however, seems not to be the case.

I downloaded a copy of the Charter

(from here), and ran a series of keyword searches, looking for politics, political, politically, neutral, neutrality, bias, biased, and a few others besides. Came up blank.

Then I found this:-

Page 3:

6.The independence of the BBC(1)The BBC shall be independent in all matters concerning the content of its output, the times and manner in which this is supplied, and in the management of its affairs. (End)

So, basically, the BBC can say whatever it likes which, doubtless, in the case of this government, includes whatever its “encouraged” to say, probably backed up by threats to its funding. Or, and possibly more important, it’s clearly told what not to say, given the number of events of national importance about which it’s been utterly, or mostly, silent.

Of course, if the BBC had the balls (and wasn’t, perhaps, run by Tories), that clause actually gives it the absolute right to tell an interfering government to bugger off – which is clearly not happening. Is it fear of the loss of funding, or of the Murdoch influence? Or something as simple as Tory sympathisers in positions of power? My guess would be all of them. Possibly a few personal levers as well.

Whatever the reasons, what is happening is that each licence fee payer (those paying the full amount, anyway), is funding the government’s propaganda machine to the tune of £145.50 a year – to be fed, in addition to normal programming, a constant barrage of lies and disinformation, along with equally dishonest silences and rigged “interviews” on many subjects, not least the destruction of the Welfare State and the NHS.

Joseph Goebbels would have been so proud.

Please, producers and directors at the BBC – for pity’s sake grow a pair! Even if the government has the Trust by the short hairs you, collectively, have enough clout to end this corruption of what was once one of our most revered – and deservedly so – national institutions, and is now, equally deserved, a sick joke. So why aren’t you?