A kitchen video studio?

My plan is to adapt my kitchen workspace for video recording. Cost is important, as is re-using any equipment I already have. However, the huge deterioration in my condition this week has rather screwed things up – but I’ll come to that.

Obviously, the first thing I needed was a camcorder. I do have a DSLR with video capability, but it’s too expensive to risk in the kitchen, so I had a poke around Amazon.

In the past I’ve saved a lot of money on cameras by buying last year’s model, so that’s what I did with the camcorder, finally settling, after much reading of reviews, on a Toshiba Camileo X400 which, despite a fairly modest spec, gets very enthusiastic reviews, especially for its image quality. The almost 50% price reduction sealed the deal (according to Amazon it’ll be delivered on the 20th – it actually arrived this morning):-


The Toshiba website – obviously preferring people to buy a current model – can’t be bothered with a full specification, but the major features are listed here.

Then, 24 hours after I’d ordered the camcorder, my leg ballooned, pain went off the scale, and everything turned to shit.

The first thing to figure out was how to mount the camcorder to show my workspace. To test the water I used the gizmo I built to mount a camera on my powerchair. It was OK-ish and showed it was possible, but I need something with more lateral adjustability, and found this, a hide clamp, where I bought my birding kit a few years ago:-


Reduced, again, to almost half price, it should be ideal as it can be extended and angled over the workspace to give a better shot. The ball mount at the top will allow me to keep the camcorder level. It might be a bit short,  but fitting a tripod head (photographers, like computer geeks, amass a load of spare bits and pieces), will add a few inches and get me the extra height should I need it.

It can also, should I ever be mobile enough again – not putting money on that any longer – be used for its original purpose. Prospects are remote, though, hence the focus on my kitchen.

The same site also has a walking stick-cum-trekking pole which converts into a monopod, for an absurdly low £10. I’m seriously tempted, though I have a suspicion that wheels are going to feature rather a lot in my future.

So, anyway, that’s how things are for now. The next thing to check out is WordPress, find out how to upload videos and what, if anything, this is going to cost me (the basic hosting is free – extras can be ferociously expensive). I need to look, too, at the possibility of a YouTube account.

Watch this space, folks…


4 thoughts on “A kitchen video studio?

  1. Awaiting the first broadcast…. A male version of Rachel Khoo in her little Parisian kitchen perhaps??????

    • Well, the BBC make a thing out of her “tiny kitchen”, but given what I can see online, mine’s way smaller – my actual workspace is the size of a pillow case.

      If little kitchens really are a big deal, I reckon I can compete.

      The first vids will probably be a version of my Batterie de Cuisine and Store-Cupboard posts, showing exactly what I was talking about – useful for newbies to put images to the names, and give me some practice with the camcorder and software.

    • Dunno, Deb. probably not a completely new name, as that would mean a new blog. I did that with bread a couple of years ago, and the new one just didn’t get the attention I felt it deserved (and it’s an area with a lot of competition). Plus, these days, I just don’t have the energy to run more than one blog.

      What I might do is extend the Chronicles theme (or something similar), but within Ron’s Rants as now. It seems to be a popular format and people are used to it.

      Whatever I decide, so far, at least, the idea has been very well received.

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