The Addison’s Chronicles – Part 9…

Finally, I’ve found something that helps me sleep. It’s effects will probably fade, as my old standby, fruitcake, finally has, but for now, it works.

Monday night, did all the usual stuff – sleeping tablets, fruitcake, reading in bed for an hour or so – and at 03.30 I was still wide awake and hurting badly.

Got up, snagged a tub of cottage cheese and a spoon, went back to bed. Ate the cheese and was asleep before 04.00.

Last night, exhausted after a shitty day and in terrible pain (taken my Oramorph this morning, and I still am, though it did make getting up easier), I had neither the strength nor the inclination to pig out on cake or cheese, just went to bed, read until I couldn’t hold my Kindle any longer, then tried to sleep.


03.30, back in the kitchen, tub of cottage cheese, packet of sour cream and chive thins – major pig-out. Back to bed – crashed – out cold for 90 minutes. Might not sound like much, but compared to what I’ve had lately, it was a major achievement!

Seeing I was awake at around 05.40 I took my 06.00 meds – they always make me sleep – unhelpfully! Slept fitfully until 07.30, gave up, took my Oramorph, read until it kicked in then got up without my usual agonised scream.

The reason for that is my clockwork bed is set up so that, while I sleep (ha!), the accumulated fluid drains from my legs overnight. The downside to that is, as soon as I stand up, it all rushes back. Of course, the oedema has gone down, there’s no room for it, and it has to force its way into my tissues, and the result is instantly excruciating and the scream, try as I might not to, entirely involuntary.

I’m also back – when I do manage to sleep – to screaming myself awake in the night pretty much every time I move my right leg in my sleep, even though it’s braced with a pillow to minimise movement. Probably pisses off my neighbours but as they’re both noisy bastards I really don’t care.

So, anyway, cottage cheese – specifically Longley Farm 6% fat** cottage cheese – appears to have a soporific effect so for as long as it lasts I’ll capitalise on it.

**I cannot abide low-fat crap, it’s an abomination, lacks taste (fat is a major taste component), has a piss-poor mouth-feel and just generally sucks. If you want to eat less fat, fine, just eat full fat food but not as much – you’ll enjoy it far more.

The downside is that there are only two local sources, Sainsbury’s and Asda. Last week I ordered 6 tubs from Sainsbury’s – they only had one! I have had words!

They persuaded me to commit to a year’s delivery charges in advance (with a hefty discount), and on only the second order, fucked up badly. The problem – and I’ve had this argument with Sainsbury’s managers for years when I was able to shop in person – is that restocking is done according to zones.

If, say, zone A, where the cottage cheese lives, is empty today but not due to be restocked until tomorrow, but zone B is almost full but due today, zone B will be topped up but zone A will stay empty. And that is so fucking brain-dead stupid it beggars belief. A point I made in an email to Sainsbury’s a couple of days ago. If I get a reply I’ll publish it.

Sainsbury’s have overnight restocking crews in their stores and, regardless of “zones” every bloody empty space should be filled up overnight to that when they open for business there are no shortages. However, given that I always got there for opening time I know for a fact that this didn’t happen and frankly, Sainsbury’s, there is no excuse.

At all.

By the way, you might feel that this is a bit of a major strop over just cottage cheese, but there is no “just” about it. Longley Farm is the best cottage cheese available, bar none. It’s full-fat, a rarity, and is not diluted with milk – its curds are almost solid, with just enough proper cream to lubricate them, and not too much salt. It’s the only cottage cheese I can eat. I have a tub every day – or every night now – for the calcium, as well as its newly-found sleeping properties, and yes, not getting it IS a big deal.

10 thoughts on “The Addison’s Chronicles – Part 9…

  1. Got my cottage cheese – and everything else – from Sainsbury’s today.

    Tuesday, with an early delivery slot (getting my order picked before the store gets busy), seems to be reliable.

    Wednesdays, the day I used to get food delivered, has always been a bit iffy, but Tuesdays work well so far.

  2. i usually do my online shop for tuesday delivery early afternoon/ mainly because i arent fir before then for putting it all away. i have seen longley farm cottage cheese in our local tescos store Ron, and morrisons. not tried shopping with the the latter online yet though

    • Morrison’s don’t have an online service. If they don’t start one soon, though, they’re going to go under – they’re already in trouble, financially. I’ve pretty much given up on Waitrose/Ocado as you get a very short time slot to shop (an hour). OK, I can do my Tesco or Sainsbury’s shop in an hour, even though I get a couple of hours for it, because I know what I want but Waitrose takes a lot longer as most of the stuff is unfamiliar so I need to read reviews – an hour soon goes.

      Whether Tesco stocks Longley Farm depends largely on where you live – my store doesn’t. In fact they’re busily phasing out most of the branded stuff I used to buy and replacing it with own-brand, which is one reason I switched to Sainsbury’s. Asda sells Longley Farm, too, but they don’t have much else I want now I’ve stopped buying meat.

      Thinking seriously about making my own cottage cheese, though.

    • Huh! That’s new.

      But they won’t be in this area until the end of the year – they seem unable to grasp the idea of a national roll-out – they’ve had years to plan it, after all. To me it would make sense to service all areas in which they already have a major store capable of absorbing the extra load – as they do here, 15 minutes away.

  3. if they amalgamated with Ocado or Waitrose and i think its the first one, they may only serve those places that the other firm serve. we dont have a Waitrose as far as i know in the surrounding areas and definitely not in Wakefield or Dewsbury or any of the smaller areas between.but we can order from Morrisons online.which is why im guessing Ocado as i know that my do price comparisons for my postcode, between Tesco, Asda, Sainsburies and Ocado….or did last time i used their site,sometime last year… well before Morrisons appeared online, so Ocado must be somewhere near me.Ive never looked if truth is known

    • It’s Ocado – at a loose end after Waitrose took their own distribution in-house. (If, in fact, that’s what’s happened – possibly Ocado left Waitrose.)

      But Ocado have a nationwide infrastructure already in place – unless Waitrose took that too – so a nationwide rollout would possibly have been doable. It would certainly have been preferable. Their online expansion plans seem bizarre

      As they’re based on West Yorkshire expanding into the Northwest before London would make more sense, consolidating the centre of the country well before Christmas, thus having a tightly-knit area to capitalise on the Christmas trade. As it is The Northwest is hemmed in by West and South Yorkshire, and the Midlands – all soon to be well served by Morrisons online – while being effectively ignored until the end of the year. I just can’t see the logic.

  4. i see what you mean re different areas-different times. think we have to go back to that old saying from that film based on (i think ) General Gordon and the charge of the light brigade… …. ours not to reason why. ours but to do or………..(put your own word at the cos die we wont til its our time anyway. (if i’m wrong in where it came from i know you will tell

  5. lol. ever willing to learn..thats me, so thank you.
    I had a word with my asthma nurse today. result is..i have my asthma review brought forward a next friday (week tomorrow) (she says there is no record of having had one since june 2012 but i know i did because 1. the asthma /COPD nurse was half hour late calling me in for my review. 2 i had another appointment 10 minutes later with diabetic nurse. so the asthma one rushed through the breathing tests etc so that i wasnt too late seeing the diabetic nurse..which i wasnt. bet the asthma nurse never filled in my notes….after all if she was 30 minutes behind calling me in, the next patient must still have been at least 20 minutes after her appointment time. stands to reason mistakes can happen when pushed like that…more reason for me to ask to see my notes.must get around to doing it asap.i did mention about my low peak flow and the link (i feel) between that and these generic asthma sprays. only one that is branded is the beclaforte…brown one. other 3 are generic.2 more preventers and ventolyn reliever..she did not sound surprised.

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