Once again, money comes before patient safety in the NHS…

GPs face crackdown on prescribing costs after million-pound overspends, says Pulse magazine, going on to say:-

“GPs face closer scrutiny of their prescribing after CCGs warned they were overspending their drug budgets by thousands of pounds, with some commissioners planning to train receptionists to drive prescription costs down.” (End)

My local pharmacist has stuck with branded Ventolin inhalers for years. Last year he switched to generics. While being much smaller they claim to contain the same amount of medication – they do not. They are also far less effective, needing a much higher dose. The valve mechanism is also defective and frequently fails.

Overall I use at least triple the amount of generic Salbutamol for far less benefit than Ventolin.

I can, and do, also buy my hydrocortisone (I have primary Addison’s), on the open market for a mere fraction of the cost to my GP’s budget. And that’s paying retail prices.

Perhaps addressing the questions of quality and pricing should be priorities, not putting patients at risk by having them fobbed off by receptionists who do NOT have the requisite medical knowledge to make potentially life or death decisions?


3 thoughts on “Once again, money comes before patient safety in the NHS…

  1. ive said this for ages re generic meds. lansoprazole was the first i found having the effect of not working. was on 15mg for around 4 years of the branded one. they ran out at the chemist, didnt know when they would get any in. some excuse about the licence not being renewed to the brand they normally bought. i landed up on 30mg to get the same effect. guess what?some time later they went back to the branded one but im still ,over 2 years later on 30mg. asked about me getting 2 boxes of 15mg as a trial to see if im ok back on 15mg but with the option of taking another if needs be. nothings been done and i must admit with so many things medically wrong, i do keep forgetting to ask.again.
    with regard to what you say about the generic asthma sprays too…. i wondered why they werent lasting as long as they did. but more worrying… my peak flow is below 230 ALL the time unless ive taken my teatime dose of the lot a bit later or gone to bed earlier than usual. then its up in the 240/250 range where it was before.i thought it was my COPD/asthma getting worse… well it is but seems now its the generic sprays to blame??? not the condition itself as such… methinks a word with my asthma nurse is in order.

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