A leg support for use in Lymphoedema – Update.

My leg – the right one again – has taken a turn for the very much worse, and the pain is enormous, as is the swelling. Clearly, then, I’m going to have to elevate my leg at some point.

I can’t use anything that’s going to put pressure on the affected parts (pretty much anywhere between knee and heel, effectively), so finally,

I’m going to make the leg support I described in this post. And I finally have – it’s here.

Amazon have cheap but broad neoprene camera straps, which are just what I need to test the water. I have three on order (under £7 the lot – good ones are about £20 each!). I should need just two, and even if they are as flimsy as they seem, they’ll confirm the viability of the project before I pay full price for good ones.

They’ve been despatched but Amazon’s delivery predictions are getting very strange. My new camcorder is scheduled for delivery, now, on the 19th. I’ve actually had it for three days!

Anyway, once I get the straps it will literally take minutes to construct the support, at which point full details and costs will be published here for anyone who wishes to make their own.

As ever – watch this space…