Lies, damned lies, and UKIP…

Is there a single journalist in Britain this weekend who is NOT lying about UKIP?

Triumphant Ukip – says the online Guardian this morning. Well, I suppose it makes a change from “Earthquake” though it’s no less mendacious.

So, then, where did that triumph happen? Does it have any existence outside of the pointy heads of the bought-and-paid-for BBC, or other right-wing media hacks? And what the hell is it doing in the Guardian?

All I’m seeing is the purest bovine ordure, and a fascist with a big mouth holding the press of this benighted land in thrall to his racist, beer-soaked, fag-reeking, bollocks.

The Emperor’s New Clothes – writ very fucking large.

Which might be funny were we not cursed with an electorate that has the collective IQ of a box of door-knobs, and is only too happy to believe this crap.

UKIP – a party that can’t lay claim to a single council or a single MP. Where’s the triumph? Where’s the earthquake, FFS? There was only one triumph on Thursday, and that belonged firmly to Labour, as you can see (though, admittedly, they could have done so much better – Ed really needs to buck up his ideas) :-

Council seats


4 thoughts on “Lies, damned lies, and UKIP…

  1. With you all the way on the Ron! I suspect most people voted because he was on the tele more than any one else despite all he spouted was offal!!! But there again whilst education refuses to teach our children about the actual philosophies of each party and it’s implications in their lives nothing will change . After all … Education was brought in to keep masses docile and it’s worked!

  2. It’s not how well UKIP did, rather how poorly the other cretinous parties performed. When Labour drop the Chief Muppet in Charge they may be in with some chance of victory (a change of policy might also help).

  3. and yet Farage has got a seat in the EU? ive just also said to someone, that i feel disgusted that so many DID vote for that party in both elections, but especially the EU. one of whom got in in my half of our town making me feel sick, angry and dirty that i must be surrounded by people who think hes right. don’t they realise that they are no better and probably worse than what we have got now? and although some years ago and when we first went into the EU, i was not happy about it, nor were my parents and we felt we should not have gone in. as did a loy of others (tory;s again taking no notice of their electorate) now they dont like it as they cant get their own way altogether while a member of the EU, so want out. buti think its too late to come out plus wont it affect our human rights if we do? some say no others say it will. and the UN? is that part of it?will we still be able to approach these 2 bodies and get justice?

    • Thing is, geographically and politically we’ve always been part of Europe. We’ve been owned by France (post 1066), and it our turn we’ve owned and occupied large parts of France.

      We fought across Europe on behalf of other nations in the Napoleonic Wars (and against them at other times), not to mention 2 world wars. We are Europeans – we can’t let 21 miles of water change that.

      And we can’t hold referenda every time some numpty like Farage with no sense of history thinks we should.. And financially, if we pull out of the EU it will lose us far more than we’ll save – the loss of grants will devastate the farming community for a start.

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