The Addison’s Chronicles – Part 11 – Addendum…

I now have one of these:-

clip_image001 A Bodum Stainless Steel Travel Vacuum Mug 

Once filled and locked, this thing is leakproof, which is good as on my bedside table (on wheels), it might be prone to falling over. As it’s going to be full of milk, that’s a bad idea. Filled with chilled milk at bedtime, it will hopefully remain cool enough to prevent it going off overnight, so I can use it to take my early morning meds, at 06.00, which badly need a buffer (the red top can be completely removed or the centre can be unscrewed for a drink-through facility) :-

70mg Zomorph

2.5mg Nebivolol

450mg Phyllocontin

20mg Omeprazole

100mg Potassium

20mg Hydrocortisone

100mg Thiamine

Junior Aspirin

100mcg Thyroxine

1g Amoxycillin (from June 9)

The Hydro needs a buffer as per yesterday’s post, hence the milk, but all the rest of this crap is also currently screwing up my stomach, causing pain and nausea (well, OK, something is, and there are no other suspects), so, again, the milk as a buffering agent.

The Amoxycillin, which is for my leg, won’t improve things, either, but I’m in dreadful pain, morphine isn’t controlling it, and I have little doubt that the nurse’s fuckuppery last week, when she applied the wrong type of dressing** has caused my leg to become re-infected.

I promised myself I would not go through that pain ever again. I meant it then, I mean it now – I cannot and I will not.

Nobody should ask that of me.

**A blog post on the subject currently runs to 4 A4 pages. (Not published.)

The short version – witless nurse used the wrong dressing on my leg – by the time I realised something was wrong I was in agony – still am even though I’ve changed it for the right one, and it’s set me back weeks, maybe even months.

The excuse – they’ve run out of the correct antibacterial dressing,** Aquacel Ag, and only had unmedicated ones – is unacceptable, as they know I have some (I bought a pack of 10 for emergency use, and they gave me a couple – of dressings, not packs), all she had to do was ask, not apply the wrong one and hope I wouldn’t notice.

And I’ve just had to buy another pack, at £25 (a fiver more than last time), as they clearly can’t be relied on to keep me supplied.

**Antibacterial because not getting infected is a massive priority!


Note: The mug might have another use. I routinely keep a glass of water on my workstation, but it’s a constant worry, with all the electronics close by, that it might get knocked over, with disastrous consequences. That it hasn’t yet doesn’t mean it won’t, and the mug would prevent any spillage.

7 thoughts on “The Addison’s Chronicles – Part 11 – Addendum…

    • Well, the mug worked well enough, and the milk stayed nice and cool. Didn’t have the desired effect though.

      • What a bummer. I also use milk as a buffer at night so am considering this Bodum. Does Maalox or similar make any difference? I find that works if the milk doesn’t. Sometimes – and too often for my liking – nothing works, of course. What jolly lives we lead.

        • Antacids are banned – they screw up the sustained-release mechanism of too many of my meds.

          I sometimes feel there is no point at all in carrying on with this farce – this is one of those times. I really have had enough.

            • On the plus side, the mug’s great for hot drinks. Instead of the usual routine of making it too hot and having to wait for it to cool, you can make it at exactly the right temp and it’ll hold it there for about an hour. Great for ginger tea, for nausea.

  1. Ron..wish you well. I used honey dressings few years ago, they are poss on nhs, they are fully anti biotic, so are clean and safe, easy to use they don’t stick to flesh, try honey dressings, like large plasters to look at…they worked when nothing else did…:-)

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