The laws governing the statutory right of entry (to your home), are currently in a state of flux thanks to Cameron’s idiot government trying to “improve” matters (Google statutory right of entry UK and see for yourselves). Doubtless, from that flux, will emerge a right of entry for DWP stormtroopers.

On a personal note, I am so heavily drugged (and so seriously ill), that much of the time I’m unable to talk coherently to anyone, and I talk to nobody about anything to do with money (or anything important at all), it’s just too easy to make mistakes, as I know to my cost. If they want to send me a form, or write a letter, fine, I’ll reply in kind, but I will not discuss it verbally.

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In today’s scary news, it has emerged that the DWP are claiming the right to enter the home of people in receipt of a variety of benefits, demand to see their ID and financial documents, and interrogate them for an hour or more. All without prior warning.

While the DWP have always had teams that investigate fraud – including spying on people through their windows from parked cars – the idea that they can select you at random and turn up unannounced appears to be new. What happens if you turn the DWP officer away is not stated.  While the website says “You can reschedule your appointment if you need to” it also says  “You won’t always get a letter in advance telling you about the visit.” Of course this is very likely to be backed up with the usual “you do not have to comply but…

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  1. i understood that if you did not comply they will threaten you with losing your benefits. people know (knew) that no one can come into your home unless you invite them or they have a warrant. so they are using the fear of destitution as a lever to get in and get the info they want when they want. why target people on pension credit i do not know.most only get a small amount. ok i know that small amount leads to housing/council tax benefit which IS a much larger amount. maybe thats why. but surely they cannot stop our pensions????

    • Actually, a surprising number of organisations and people have a statutory right (that is, the right is enshrined in law, they don’t need a search warrant or a court order), of access to your home – some 14,000 individuals according to the government. The ones we all know – or I’d hope we would – are the utility companies.

      Why? Simple – your home is yours, but the wiring and pipework that comes into your home is theirs, up to the point where it joins your internal distribution system (the meter, for electrical wiring, for example), and they have an absolute right of access. They don’t need a search warrant or a court order.

      Since 2012 the government has been re-assessing who should have a statutory right of access. Problem is, like everything else they’ve touched, it’s a massive cock-up, and right now no-one knows, with any certainty, who has the right to do what. Not even, it seems, the government itself.

      I spent hours researching this before reblogging this post, so I could say who has the right of access, but none of the reputable sites, like Liberty, for example (http://www.yourrights.org.uk/yourrights/privacy/power-of-officials-to-enter-your-home/ ), can say for sure.

  2. Good Lord. about time this ham fisted unintelligent lot of public schoolboys who must have spent their schooldays bunking off whenever they could, were ousted out of Westminster. and we can only hope that its not them that gets back in and that whoever does, has the mentality to unravel their monumental cock-ups, but with a lot of thought and action the suffering of those caught up in it who have become homeless and destitute.and that they can rectify the worst of it quickly. I fear this wont happen very quickly though. i do not envy anyone coming in that has to undo what this lot of half wits have done. but i do hope the public will give them chance to sort it as best they can. what has taken this govt a matter of only 4 years (albeit long years to me in spite of time going faster the longer i live) is going to take much longer than another 4 years to put right. but i fear the British mentality is such that i can guarantee, 6 months down the line, they will be baying for the new PMs blood because that’s what the Brits are like. those in high places never ever do things fast enough for them, no matter how difficult the job may be.

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