How is IDS still in office? Because he’s doing so well…

A popular question on Twitter is “How is IDS still in office given he’s such an incompetent oaf?” That’s the profanity-free version.

I used to think that – and say so, with a great deal of profanity – now I’m not so sure. Like ATOS, I think he’s just working to his brief, which is to reduce the numbers of the chronically sick and disabled by any means possible.

Consider all the deaths his policies have caused over the past 4 years – can that really be the result of simple incompetence?

If you take into account Cameron’s rabid hatred of the sick and disabled, so evident in the first couple of years after he stole the country on the back of a raft of lies, before he passed the baton to IDS (with a splinter going Osborne), and the fact that “Welfare Reform” is nothing less than the wholesale destruction of the welfare state while simultaneously removing access to justice for anyone who might want to mount a legal challenge, you could be excused for thinking something rather more sinister is going on.

And, latterly, we’ve had the situation in which the cancer-afflicted have had to choose between treatment which might, if not cure them, at least give them a better quality of whatever life remains to them, and being able to claim benefits. Claim benefits and die, opt for treatment and starve.

Great fucking choice.

It does, though, make it more obvious what’s really going on, and it’s nothing to do with austerity, or the “fact” that we can’t afford social security – both were always lies as anyone with half a brain has known from the outset.

Note for the hard of thinking – if we can afford wars that are utterly futile at best (just watch how fast the Taliban return to Afghanistan when we, and others, are gone), we can well afford to support the most vulnerable of our own citizens.

What we are seeing, once all the deaths, not to mention the enforced homelessness which will, inevitably, add more deaths to the tally, are factored in, goes way beyond the social engineering it was thought to be not so long ago – it’s nothing but a state-sponsored eugenics programme that makes that in the US in the 1920s and 30s look like a church picnic. America contented itself with sterilisation of the sick, disabled, and the otherwise “undesirable” – this government has opted for extermination by neglect, though the latest cancer-related obscenity moves it up a notch to a more deliberate policy.

Give these fuckers another five years and I have little doubt, as I’ve said many times already, that IDS will come up with a final solution of his own.

And that’s why he’s still in office – he’s doing exactly what Cameron wants him to do.

Except when it come to Universal Credit which, it has to be said, is an IDS cock-up on an absolutely astronomical scale. For that he really should be fired, but he won’t be as long as he does his master’s bidding so effectively in other areas.

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