Induction hob revisited…

A couple of years ago I bought an induction hob, see here** and here, in the hope that it would cut my energy consumption. I wasn’t best pleased to realise it didn’t have a simmer setting (80C or 100C, nothing in between), and, after fulminating about it, consigned it to the back of the cupboard.

**I’ve since found out that root veg cooked in a tomato sauce takes forever but, even so, 14 hours!

Today, I dug it out again just on a whim, as I now have something I didn’t have last time – a very accurate preserving thermometer, bought to check my deep fryer thermostat (it’s spot on), so I can see how accurate the induction temp scale is (not very, as it turned out).

I put on a pot of water, brought it up to the boil, reduced it to 80C and left it on, with a lid on, for 15 minutes to be sure the temp had stabilised, then dunked the thermometer. 92C – perfect simmering temp, but 12 degrees C over the indicated temperature is a hell of an error.

Waited a while, repeated it, got the same reading, so it will simmer. It doesn’t bubble, just shivers, which according to many cooks, is perfect so, tomorrow, I’ll make a pot of soup and see how it turns out.

This time, though, I’ll do what I normally do these days, and cook the root veg before adding tomatoes (as passata). It’s bean soup – back when I was a kid, Campbells did a bean soup, which I loved, but it wasn’t around for long and isn’t around at all now, so I make my own version, with lots of veggies in it too.

Luckily, all my stainless steel casseroles are suitable for induction as well as for Spoonies, and I’ve ordered an induction-friendly frying pan – I know it fries OK. If it works out I’ll have to re-arrange the kitchen (again!), but it’ll be a lot cheaper than buying a new cooker with a ceramic hob** (a full-size induction hob is way beyond my budget).

** want £70 to install an electric cooker. Bugger that. And Sainsbury’s, who charged a tenner last time, have stopped selling cookers. I’d love to know what moron decided to make it an offence to install your own electrical appliances. And gas, too – hell, I installed a gas cooker when I was 13, it’s not rocket science – and now there are flexible pipes with bayonet connectors for the gas supply it’s even easier. No gas here, though, and I’d sure as hell not pay some clown £70 to connect 3 wires; legal or not, I’d do it.

Watch this space – I’ll let you know how it works out.