Break the law and get paid for it?

According to the Bristol Post “The cctv changes are part of several motorist-friendly moves the government are working on, one of the others being offering a 25% discount for drivers who appeal against a parking ticket but lose.”

Seriously? Get rewarded for breaking the law? WT absolute F?

I know we’re governed by morons with the collective intellect of a slime mould – albeit particularly dim and corrupt slime mould – but it must have occurred to somebody at the DfT (though this has the rank stench of Osbornian stupidity about it), that pretty much everybody who gets done for parking is going to appeal, just to get the fixed penalty reduced. Assuming this is true, of course. The system will collapse under the sheer weight of appeals.

I doubt that there’s a planet in the entire universe where this policy wouldn’t be viewed as anything but completely insane.


2 thoughts on “Break the law and get paid for it?

  1. Of all the absolutely idiotic stupid moronic ideas ever thought of that takes the cake. Everyman and his dog will appeal. What were they thinking? Oh thats right they werent!!

  2. Currently, if you pay straight away (within 14 days or something like that) you get a 50% discount. Obviously, this means you can’t appeal. What this will mean in practice is that if you appeal within the time frame you can still get some level of discount for prompt payment.

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