Clumsy PC-users’ coffee mug…

One of the things which adds nuisance value to my life is slopping a cup of coffee all over my keyboard. Not a disaster – it’s spill-proof – but still a mess to clean up.

Thing is, I have a workstation, rather than a desk, and tend to put my coffee mug in front of me on the monitor shelf – all too easy to snag the handle when reaching for something among the inevitable clutter (I keep my early-day drugs there – the ones I take at various times between the batch I take while in bed at 06.00, and the midday batch – and it’s these that cause the problem.

I have a handleless insulated travel mug that also lives there, for cold drinks, and that never gets snagged (and if it did the screw-down cap keeps the contents inside), so I thought, why not a handleless, but otherwise more conventional, mug. Cue Amazon.


And there it was. It’s double-walled, so no burned fingers, and the silicone ring adds grip, as well as hiding the spot where the air between the walls was sucked out. It claims to be made from robust material, but the first one had an internal crack (a star-shaped crack, as if someone had dropped a spoon into it – sure as hell wasn’t me), and went straight back. It probably wasn’t helped by Amazon’s clueless packers. The replacement seems fine but I don’t tempt providence by stirring too vigorously. In fact I often use a Melamine spoon, just in case.

My usual coffee is a 200ml caffè crema (a very long lungo with 17g of espresso-ground beans, from a Gaggia Classic), and the mug is ideal as its capacity is about 220ml.

As before it lives on the edge of the monitor shelf, and not once have I even come close to spilling it. True, I’ve bumped it a few times, but with no handle to snag, there’s been no spillage.

The design, apparently, is supposed to represent an electronics circuit, though for all I can tell it could be a map of the Shenzhen metro – if they have one. Other, equally obscure, designs are available.

It doesn’t have a lid but, if you really must, the cap from a Longley Farm 250g cottage cheese pot, turned upside down, fits perfectly (it’ll help keep the heat in, but not the contents if you are more of a fumble-fingered oaf than me).

Being double-skinned the rim feels thick – and it is – but I quickly got used to it, and if you’re the sort who wants coffee to stay scalding as long as possible (seek help!), then it pays to pre-heat it. For the rest of us it’s fine as it is.

Similar containers are available on the disability market, sometimes spill-proof too. The designs tend to be a tad institutional but worth a look if that’s what you need. There’s a selection here. The handles of plastic versions – it seems not to have occurred to anyone that handles might be an impediment for some people – are easily removed with a junior hacksaw or, with care, with a hot knife.