Spicy Vegetable Soup…

I can’t, in all honesty, say I was overly impressed with the frozen soup veg I tried last time – a bit lacking in flavour. OK in an emergency, I suppose, but not if I can wield a knife. The chunkier casserole version seemed to consist mainly of slices from carrots big enough to choke a horse and one-inch cubes of swede. The carrots I could live with – if they’d had any flavour – but not bloody great lumps of swede which, perversely, had too much flavour and were horribly coarse. I wouldn’t use this version again at all.

So, back to doing it the hard way which, the pain in my leg notwithstanding (definitely no pun!), I rather enjoy.

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Morphine and Pulmonary Oedema attacks are NOT related.

A “View from Bed 3” post under the new rules.


Last night I reduced my Zomorph (modified-release morphine), from 90mg to 60, to see if it had any effect on my pulmonary oedema (P.O. from here on), attacks. These are happening most nights now, though obviously not as severely as that which put me in hospital (the fact that some nights it doesn’t happen could give me a false negative, but I can’t think of another way).

I took a very carefully measured – as opposed to just approximately sloshed – dose of Oramorph at bedtime, just 10ml which causes no problems.

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The overnight crises have to end…

Tired – and afraid – of the overnight crises, I reduced my morphine tonight from 90mg to 60mg, just in case my GP was right and it was suppressing my breathing, only to find my ability to breathe was vastly more compromised than usual before I ever got to bed, which bodes ill for the rest of the night.

And I got a hell of a lot more pain for my trouble too.

This really can’t go on.

Pulmonary Oedema – what’s the cause?

I promised myself I’d be extremely circumspect when it came to criticising consultants, but I’ve just read the report from the cardiologist I saw a few weeks ago and it’s absolutely riddled with errors.

And there’s no excuse. I spent days typing up everything I needed to say to him (most of which has already been posted here), so to avoid repetition, I’ll just give you one example.

He starts by saying “He has been seeing our Heart Failure Specialist Nurse…”. Not true. I saw her once, for about an hour.

He also says I was using a wheelchair “because he feels a bit weak”. A complete fabrication – I neither said nor implied anything of the sort.

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Hi Ho, Hi Ho, it’s off to War we go…

So, Cameron seizes the Thatcher moment, and Parliament magically finds the money to prosecute a war that is arguably none of our concern because, whatever the Islamic State is doing, this is a Middle Eastern, primarily Muslim v. Muslim, conflict. The Western victims, while savagely tragic on a personal level, pale into insignificance when weighed against the IS-inflicted, Muslim death toll (along with all the other groups, regardless of religion, that these rabid psychopaths see as “enemies”).

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Dealing With Pulmonary Oedema…

After a week without at attack of this most egregious of respiratory illnesses (damn near killed me back in August and it is not a good way to go – trust me on that), I’m not happy at all to see it back this morning.

It kicked in at around 03.30 as usual, but failed to progress as it usually does, I stuck it until 06.30, watching with dismay as my sputum pot was filling up, then got the hell out of my bedroom and came in here, to the living room.

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Dropped Spoonie…

Many years ago, before I even knew I was a Spoonie – hell, before I’d even heard of Spoonies – I made a major lifestyle change.

I lived alone, then as now, and it was so easy just to get out a clean plate, and cutlery, that eventually I was overwhelmed by washing up. So I though sod this, kept one set of cutlery, and another of crockery, and consigned the rest to a box in a dark corner. This had the advantage that the washing up never piled up, and it imposed the discipline of having to wash up or not eat.

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Respiratory Ramblings…

NB: Under my new rules I consider the following to be safe.



Like most people with COPD I’m extremely prone to respiratory infections. Normally, I tackle these myself as NICE, while paying lip service to GOLD, strenuously refuses to allow GPs to prescribe antibiotics in sufficient strength and volume to comply with its needs. So I buy my own.

However, a couple of months ago I had an infection which refused to respond when treated with my normal Amoxycillin, so I faxed my GP and asked for Doxycycline and, a major miracle, actually got it. This week I accidentally ordered codeine linctus. It’s not due yet and I don’t need it. Since I’ve been taking Oramorph I’ve needed codeine linctus only rarely – when it’s a case of take it or cough until I puke or pass out. Normally it would have been crossed out and a snotty note sent with the rest of my meds but I got it without the slightest quibble. This spirit of co-operation is very unusual and suggests he knows something about my condition that I don’t. Worrying.

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Ulcer crisis…

This, below left, is my ulcer now. (It’s gross – don’t want to see? Don’t click through.)

It’s evident, and should have been so last week, that given how much effort we’ve put into trying to dry this thing out, using a dressing that was 60% water bordered on the criminally stupid. The only reason I accepted it was out of desperation – because nothing was working. I was told that the dressing would remove slough**/necrotic tissue, yet there is nothing in the literature to support this view, and no mechanism by which it can happen. The trial (below), mentions a reduction in slough – it makes no reference whatsoever to the means by which this is achieved (I might possibly have missed it – the pain makes it difficult to concentrate, but I don’t think so).

**Slough is the yellowish gunk. The black is oxidised silver from the Aquacel Ag dressings.

In my view the Hydrosorb dressing created a perfect, moist, environment for the ulcer to spread into the water-softened tissue.

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