Chronicles of the Heart – Problems With Ramipril…

As you might know if you’ve been following this saga, I was prescribed the ACE inhibitor Ramipril (for hypertension), while still in hospital a few weeks ago. With my history, I shouldn’t have been, and if the prescribing doctor had bothered talking to me first, I wouldn’t have been.

However, after stopping it when I got home and discovered the potential problems, I restarted it after a couple of days and it did seem to be beneficial and doing me no harm. I was experiencing a lot of chest pain (heart? ascites?), abdominal pain (ascites?), back pain (heart? ascites?), for which I thought I’d identified causes, as you can see. I also had mysterious bruising for which I had no cause, and huge problems with fear and anxiety, especially at night, which I assumed were a normal reaction to almost dying recently.

The big problem I did have with Ramipril was that it was impossible to stay awake after taking it.

Then, after a very good and relaxed night’s sleep, free from the fear and anxiety that’s plagued me since I got out of hospital (though it had struck with a vengeance in late afternoon, for some reason, so maybe part of it is a natural reaction?), this morning I realised I’d forgotten to take last night’s Ramipril.

So I went back to the patient information leaflet and had another read of it (I tend to ignore PILs until I have a problem I can’t explain any other way), and all those problems, including the fear and anxiety, plus things I hadn’t associated with it, like the fact that my gums are swollen making my dentures extremely painful, are down to Ramipril (though I still feel that ascites is a factor too – hell, I can see that). No wonder I feel so much better.

Of course, there has to be a downside, my blood pressure, high in hospital, borderline at home, is high again, 142/75. That was this morning. Rechecking closer to my usual time (mid-afternoon), gave me 122/65. That’s still a bit high. I’ll keep an eye on it for a few days, and if it stays around120 systolic/80 diastolic, or lower, I’ll leave it alone. If either or both go up I’ll have to look for another drug, as Ramipril isn’t the answer.

On the subject of my heart, this explains why I have right-side HF in addition to the more usual left-side version:-

Why Denial Nurse can’t grasp this, I have no idea – pulmonary hypertension, it was clearly explained to me in hospital, can cause the muscle of the right ventricle to thicken and harden and pump less efficiently. Just spotted that pulmonary hypertension and Cor Culmonale are the same thing – I was diagnosed with the early stages of CP in 1995!