Smoothies Rule…

Yesterday, I loaded the freezer with frozen fruit to feed my new-found smoothie addiction. All I have to do is remember to get a portion out every night to defrost. I’ve got pineapple chunks, mango, fruit salad, and a shed-load of berries, as well as a bag of fresh grapes.

At first I ordered a batch of pre-prepped fruit from Sainsbury’s but it was all very short-dated (delivered Thursday, dated bloody Friday), so I thought frozen would be a better option – it’s sure as hell a lot cheaper. A one-portion pot of pre-prepped is a couple of quid, but a half-kilo bag of frozen fruit, also prepped, costs from 90p (fruit salad), to £2 (mango and pineapple) – no contest.

A 600ml smoothie makes a good lunch and, with a low carb content, I don’t spend the afternoon comatose. My innards appreciate it too as it alleviates the constipating effects of my morphine and codeine. I find I’m less hungry in the evening, too.

I do seem to be ingesting an awful lot of strawberry seeds, though – hope they don’t start sprouting down there in the dark!

And yesterday, despite feeling lousy for most of it, I stayed awake throughout (the evening too), without recourse to coffee. Could well be the first time this year. Or, as I found out today, it’s because I forgot my Ramipril. See this post.