Will Scotland’s independence lead to civil war?

I hope the Scots vote for independence, I really do. However, if they seriously think that Cameron and Co. are going to roll over, play dead, and just let them go, they are – in all probability – sadly mistaken.

This government is corrupt and psychopathic enough to use force to prevent Scotland’s breakaway. And, in the event they make a Unilateral Declaration of Independence** after a Yes vote, they are not above jailing the ringleaders for sedition.

**As did the fledgling US in 1776, and Ireland in 1919, along with others down the years. A UDI, though, has often led to war.

It is, I hope, something Alex Salmond – and the Scots in general – have considered, because they can be sure Westminster has, and is probably prepared for it – but I’m not seeing the slightest suggestion that a punitive outcome is even being contemplated north of the border.** And that would be a mistake.

**Though I would hope that this is the effect of secrecy, not over-confidence.

Given the way this government has waged economic war against its own citizens – the sick and disabled, the unemployed, and the just plain poor – they surely won’t hesitate to wage a real, boots in faces, war on Scotland. And if not actual war, then certainly an administrative take-over, supported by the military is possible. They do, after all, control the military. Scotland, to the best of my knowledge, does not.

I see in this morning’s papers that the government is trying to bribe Scotland to remain in the union. I would hope they have the sense not to fall for it, because the way this lot rewrite laws at the drop of a hat, the deal they sign up to might not be the deal they get. What they will get, you can virtually guarantee at some point, is royally shafted.

I hope I’m wrong, I hope this is just paranoia born of a hatred for what Britain has become under this brutally and blatantly dishonest regime. But, Scotland, the government is not simply going to let you sail off into the rosy glow of an independent sunset, not without a fight, and if you are not prepared for this eventuality, you might well regret it.

For ever.


3 thoughts on “Will Scotland’s independence lead to civil war?

    • There seems to be a feeling that a Yes vote = automatic independence, but the history of such bids for self-determination suggests that it’s a recipe for conflict, no matter how just the cause. I can’t see Scotland being any different. A Yes vote is just the beginning – odds are things will get a lot worse before they get better. If, indeed, they do, because a change of government next year – if that happens – is unlikely to bring a change of attitude.

  1. One has to remember Ron that this government forefathers was an Empire here in England ….Cameron is a third relation to the Queen [Third Generation i should say] and the Empire Spirit is emerging …..a very good point you made …..food for thought .many thanks

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