Changes to my Blog – Please Read…

It’s been brought to my attention that people are avoiding reading all my blog posts because they find some of them depressing. I can understand that, and sympathise – but I don’t publish this stuff lightly, because writing it is damaging for me, too, on several levels, not least emotionally.

I know some people see me as brave, others think I’m tough, or just “wonderful” – I don’t see myself as any of those things. I’m just a guy with a hell of a lot of medical problems getting by the best way I can – and publicising the worst of the potentially lethal fuckuppery and bullshit I have to contend with. See Footnote at** below. Or avoid it if you wish – I’ve put it well down the page so it should stay out of sight unless you scroll down to it.

What I need, though, is some way of flagging posts which might be contentious/depressing so that those readers who feel vulnerable can avoid them while still being able to read the rest without stumbling across something they don’t want to see.

The View from Bed 3 was intended, among other things, to be a home for all my contentious posts, but I really couldn’t put in the effort needed to get another new blog off the ground, and it wasn’t getting the attention I’d hoped for, so what I think I will do is use that title, as well as the recently resurrected Chronicles of the Heart, for my potentially depressing/distressing posts on this blog.

Chronicles will be – pretty obviously – for heart-related stuff, because no way am I done with that, and Bed 3 is for COPD. Anything to do with my legs usually has legs in the title anyway. And if anyone is wondering about the provenance of The View from Bed 3, that’s where I pitched up during my last admission to hospital

Other than that, you can read in safety without suddenly being confronted with something you’d prefer to avoid.













When I say people are trying to kill me, whether it’s through mind-boggling stupidity or carelessness, or motivated by malice, it is NOT hyperbole. Giving me four days worth of beta-blocker in a single dose, for example, needs some explaining. Any of the other five patients in my bay would have swallowed them without a second thought** – luckily I always check.

**And I find myself wondering how much of their apparent illnesses were exacerbated by incorrect medication? They did spend an unconscionable amount of time sleeping.

7 thoughts on “Changes to my Blog – Please Read…

  1. carry blogging ron people will only read whot they want and putting up blogging can relieve stress so that initself is good nah we all dying of something just so but how you treat others well it keep your book clean i hope to see many other blogg posts and especialy the menu ones jeff

  2. i tend to read everyone of your medical ones, unless for some reason ,my inbox has become flooded ,as it does if i take a couple o days away from the PC. i don’t have time to read every post then, though always read the first bit in the email at least.answering lately though i seem to have just not had time to do.for one reason or another.usually family related.,, as for your recipes, i may read some, but if the title says the recipe contains something i cant eat for one reason or another then i don’t read the rest. a lot i do though. COPD as you know interests me anyway as i have it myself,albeit in the early-ish stages.
    anyway just wanted you to know i do read even if i don’t comment on most of your writings.

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