Chronicles of the Heart – Pulmonary Oedema is back…

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Had another bout of Pulmonary Oedema overnight (it’s now 05.40), and, unusually, I seem to have slept through the worst of it. Or was unconscious. And I’m sure I don’t need to reiterate this, but this is a heart failure symptom, not COPD.

Anyway, I’m coming out of it now, and I’ve discovered another food trigger.

In hospital, I discovered Jaffa Cakes were the trigger that put me in there with an almost fatal attack and later, back at home, had another, less severe, bout caused by chocolate. So the link was sweet, fatty food, confirmed when a couple of slices of my home-made fruit cake, slathered with butter, did the same thing.

Since then I’ve avoided foods high in a combination of sugars, other carbs, and fat and, until last night, I’ve been fine.

Yesterday, I made some peanut butter and very nice it is, too. I filled a Bonne Maman jar, and had what was left over, about 172g, for my tea, with a handful of crackers and some home-made bread.

And that’s what did for me as, obviously, it was high in carbs and fats.

There might be another trigger too – my ulcer. The day and night before I was admitted to APH, my ulcer was extremely painful as, indeed, it was last night and still is today. I can’t imagine what the link might be, but perhaps what causes these exacerbations also causes the pulmonary oedema, as both are associated with heart failure.

Compared to what’s happened in the past, this has been a mild attack – it started around 01.00, not long after I’d gone to bed and, despite it, I managed to get some sleep. I’m now up, and while it’s hard to breathe, and I’m coughing up a lot of crap, it’s noticeably less bloody than it was just an hour ago.

I’ve won another bout but I really don’t know how much longer this can go on without killing me and, trust me, this is not a good way to go.


2 thoughts on “Chronicles of the Heart – Pulmonary Oedema is back…

  1. Hello Ron. Just a couple of thoughts. A mate of mine had unusual Heart problems. He ended up with a loaned 24 hour wrist worn heart monitor from the local hospital. Nothing untoward ever showed up on ECG tests etc but they found his heart rate went crazy during the night anywhere between 2 and 3 hours after going to bed. He had CT scans and all the usual tests and they showed nothing. They suggested he cut out eating anything after 20:00 and only drink water at a similar time.
    That was a year ago and no problems since. His Mrs now monitors his diet and his nightly supper of toasted cheese and Horlicks is a big NO NO !
    I used to love peanut butter as my COPD got worse I suspected it was the Peanut butter making me cough and vomit shortly after, so I quit eating it. Chocolate has exactly the same effect so I no longer eat any. I still have the morning cough but never at any other time, unless I get my frequent chest infections which last for a week at a time until the Antibiotics knock it on the head.
    As I said, just some ideas. But knowing just how thoroughly you research everything, you already know!
    Keep your head up.
    All the best
    Geoff aka slip along catastrophe

    • Cheers Geoff.

      All looks horribly familiar – the question is – why?

      Greasy food can mess with the gall bladder, but just how it can screw up the lungs and/or heart is a mystery, especially, like last night, 7 hours later. I ate nothing after 18.00 last night.

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